Centre For Regeneration and Empowerment of Africa Through Africa (CREATA)

We are a sport, peace and development registerd NGO and working in Kenya since 2007. We use sports as a means to achieve peace and development. Our taget are children and women from maginalized communities. Our areas of focus in is primary health, economic empowerment, education and peace

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Paul Ogalo
P.O Box 17 Rapogi, Migori, Kenya.


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10 to 20 people

1. Executive Director - Plays the executive role of the organization
1. Programmes coordinator - Deputizes the Executive Director and coordinate all the programmes and runs the sports program
3 Computer Tutors - Running of the computer centers
3 Production officers - Responsible for processing sunflower oil and animal feeds and chicken farm
3 Marketing officers - Responsible for sales of

CREATA) is a registered Non-Governmental Organization founded in 2006 in Kenya. CREATA is a sport, peace and development agency which encourages through sports, the mobilization and utilization of community resources and talents for peace and transformational development.
The word CREATA is also an abbreviation and a Latin word meaning either the verb “to create” or the noun “creation” referring to all created things. Hence the name connotes not only an integral approach to development but also to the integrity of creation, of which human beings are both stewards and dependants. Our work is rooted in this word, as we are dedicated to providing opportunities for children, young people, and marginalized communities to be creative, exploring their potential and finding solutions to their problems through sports.
CREATA envisages a peaceful, transformed and a just world where the integrity of creation and human dignity are the pillars of sustainable development.
Our aim is to enhance peace and transformational development through promotion of sports, education, good governance, econonomic empowerment, community development and international solidarity with the marginalized communities.

Our Values
Our values are as follows:
1. Love for God and Country
2. Peace and nonviolence
3. Servant Leadership and Stewardship
4. Human dignity and Integrity:
5 Presence and involvement:
6 Sincerity:
7 Volunteerism:

(a) Strategic objective #1 - Sports for Development
To unleash the potential of children, young people and communities through sports as a vehicle for community transformation and development
(b) Strategic objective #2 – Peace and governance
To enhance good governance and peaceful coexistence among ethnic communities in Kenya
(c) Strategic Objective #3 – Economic Empowerment and Environmental Conservation
To sustain community livelihoods through economic empowerment, agriculture, entrepreneurship environmental restoration, stewardship and protection.
(d) Strategic Objective #3 – Education and leadership
To enhance access to education and skills development as a means to alleviate violent conflicts and extreme poverty
(e) Strategic Objective #4 - Volunteer and Community Service
To facilitate the enhancement of human solidarity through networking of communities via professional and educational and sports exchanges between north and south.
(f) Strategic objective #4 – Research and advocacy:
To access information through research and policy analysis on trends of violent conflicts affecting children, young people and women in challenging situations, and form strategic networks and alliances, to formulate and implement concrete advocacy initiatives within the society.

1. Peace and Governance
2. Sports for Development
3. Economic Empowerment
4. Education

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