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Centro de Apoyo Rural

Huancayo, Peru, South America
We work to improve the quality of life in poor urban and rural communities in the central region of Peru

Women Development


We are an NGO with 27 years of experience working in urban and rural areas in central Peru. We work on environmental issues, ecological agriculture, business management, market access and fair, and citizenship and governance. We have successfully operated the Poverty Reduction and Relief Project - PRA I and II, which has generated 10 thousand temporary jobs in the central region for 10 years. We have experience in the area of ​​income generation and fund management and mini projects.

Up to 5 people

Jirón Cajamarca Nro. 931 - Huancayo, Huancayo, Peru.


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Huancayo, Peru
Miraflores, Lima, Peru 198km
Tours and Treks
Lima, Peru 199km

Lima, Peru 199km
Lima, Peru 199km

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