Centro de artes de la humanidad

Tarapoto, Peru, South America

Works on the development of conscience and good environmental, social and educational habits.

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Magali Queyranne
jr san martin 934, Tarapoto, Peru.


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Up to 5 people

CEAH has existed for three and a half years, we have carried out a project of forestry and environmental education in Lima. Now we are in the Peruvian jungle, to open a training center, workshops and spaces to learn, develop and share. We focus on educating and raising awareness through concrete actions such as recycling, reducing waste, planting and cultivating in an organic way, practicing the arts to develop awareness. We have a local where we produce and sell vegetarian and vegan products, we receive children in workshops, we have concerts and artistic and cultural demonstrations, we have an organic vegetable garden and a aquaponics project in the forest and we want to develop many things that's why we need hands!

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