Centro Mundial de la Felicidad

Medellín, Colombia, South America
We are a foundation that seeks to preserve ancestral cultures through educational projects

Volunteering Activities

Conservation Work
Social Work

What We Need

We are gathering volunteers for the school year in Llanchama Cocha, an indigenous community in the interior of the Amazon
We seek to cover the whole year, but with more urgency the cycle of June-July 2017.

This program consists of rotating cycles of 2 months, during which period 3 or 4 volunteers are
Teachers in the school of the community.

By participating in this program basically you interns for 2 months in the Amazon, without any comfort to which you are accustomed:
Electricity, drinking water (underground water),
Bed, bathroom, cell phone, etc. You live inside the Sapara community, live with its inhabitants and ... you're happy!

Transportation and food costs for each volunteer.

There exists a "house" (which is a clear place with a thatched roof) for volunteers and you sleep in a tent that you yourself must carry, so there are no lodging costs.

It is required to have a high level of spoken and written Spanish.

When & Who

All year
2 months

What we Provide


There exists a "house" (which is a clear place with a thatched roof) for volunteers and you sleep in a tent that you yourself must carry, so there are no lodging costs.
The water you drink comes from underground slopes.

Our Fees

No fees

you must pay:
- your transport: round-trip airplanes costing approximately $ 240 for 3 people.
-you food: about $ 80 dollars a month
- your World Happiness Center T-shirt: $ 20 (plus shipping costs if needed)

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Contact Person

Carrera 96a #49-50. La Praddera. Medellín, Medellín, Colombia.

Other Ways to support us

We need

1. all kinds of school material: pencils, books, colored papers, cardboards, scissors, pencil sharpeners, erasers, markers for chalk, chalk, white sheets, tempera, teaching material, glue, plasticine, colored markers, wool, material Didactic, etc.
-Infraesfructura for the school: tables, chairs, slates, solar panels, projectors.
- donations in money to pay for incoming and outgoing flights volunteers and workers of the foundation.
- Clothing for children in the community
- Money to pay for the studies of pedagogy of teachers belonging to the community.

Additional Info about Us

5 to 10 people

We are a foundation made up of a group of people convinced that with education we can change the world and that through different circumstances of our lives we realized that the disappearance of the ancestral cultures of our planet is to the detriment of all of us.

We get together, we organize and we decide to carry out educational projects in different points. Appealing to the conscience and solidarity of people from different parts of the world, we have managed to gather volunteers, materials, money and other elements that have allowed us to contribute small grains of sand that today make us proud and give us strength to keep moving forward.

Basically what we do is identify the needs of a community that belongs to a culture in danger of disappearing, and we elaborate educational projects adapted to the reality of its inhabitants, that contribute in the preservation of their knowledge, customs, worldview, territory, etc.

After developing the project, we have gathered volunteers who want to participate in it and we take them to live in the community to carry out the project, in addition to gathering the resources necessary for it to develop in the best way.

While the work is done, we make permanent evaluations with the volunteers, the community involved and the World Happiness Center team, to make continuous improvements of our actions.

And of course, we all socialize through social networks and different media, inviting more and more people to join our work.