Volunteer with Chemelil Kopere Community Organization (chekop)

Chemelil Kopere Community Organization (chekop)

Kisumu, Kenya, Africa
A Community Organization involved in activities focused on alleviating poverty through education of children and child rights advocacy.


Volunteer teachers for children in Pre-primary and Primary classes also people who can work with the Community members to teach them on the importance of farming for both business and food as a way of alleviating poverty and also on health issues.

Those who will want to work with children in the schools the best time will be during school days that runs from as below yearly:
1st Term January to March
2nd Term May to July
3rd Term September to November.

Those who will want to work with the Community any time is welcome.

The volunteer will have freedom to communicate to us in advance on the number of days he/she would like to stay, we consider at least a month for a short stay and from three months for a long stay.


Accommodation will be provided to the volunteers at the place of their placement , mostly they will be staying with family who is the project director and contact person of the organization. Up keep fee will be required which will be subsidized and not to make any profit though surplus will be for Community work.

Those who stay will be required to pay accommodation/upkeep fee.


Create/Update our Website

Invite volunteers to the Community Project to help in fund raise and volunteer in different areas, web construction.

An Organization formed to bring positive change within the Community.

5 to 10 people


26-40116 CHEMELIL, Kisumu, Kenya.

We highly recommend our volunteers to visit us during school days to have full opportunity to be with both children and staffs and see how our activities run.


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