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Child Rights Cambodia

We are a resource group that supports the operation of a wonderful pure Cambodian non-governmental organization in Cambodia called Child Rights Foundation.

Human Rights

We need volunteers to implement our fundraising strategy with placement from 3-6 months at child rights foundation headquarter in Phnom Penh.

As soon as possible.

Three months.


We are a group of volunteers consisting of staff, former staff, board members of Child Rights Foundation (a pure Cambodian NGO) working to mobilize resources to support the operation of this organization. 100% of donation will go to this wonderful NGO, who will be working very closely with the Cambodia government and development actors to ensure that children's rights are respected and implemented in this beautiful country. Although our dream is not easy to achieve, we have made so much progress already with thousands of young people, teachers, parents and stakeholders educated about this cause, we are part of a very big movement in the country that have changed the lives of millions of children already. We appreciate your support to build this country and our world a little better than yesterday, each day.

20 to 50 people

Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

316 Sor Chor Nor

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