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Makeni, Sierra Leone, Africa
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A registered social and humanitarian organization with the mandate to meet the need of children and youth through Development, Advocacy and Relief programmes.

Online Volunteering

Create/Update our Website
Social Media Help
Video/Photo Editing
Accounting Assistance
Editing Work
Grant Writing
Online Tutoring

Create and update our website:
So much is being done by ChildHelp in the field but this is not visible in the organisation’s website. Our website lacks much information needed by viewers and partners. Volunteers are needed to help build a better site and or update information to be visible to the government, friends, donors and supporters. This is to show our accountability and transparency in undertaking projects. It can be part time or full time voluntarily.
Social Media Help:
The need for our children through Development, advocacy and relief is rising. We need volunteers that can provide social media skills and techniques to spread or reach the world with the needs of our children.
Volunteers are needed to help undertake online research in Development, Advocacy and Relief supports so that we can meet the needs of our children and youths in the pro-poor communities.
Everyday the needs of our children, their families and communities in the pro-poor communities are rising. Volunteers are needed to be part of this process to raise funds and in-kind assistance to meet these needs. Online teachings will be also appreciated for our local staff and volunteers.
Video and Photo Editing:
There are at times when we have videos to be used in YouTube but have little experience in making such video to be uploaded in our website. Support is needed online including training for our local staff and volunteers in making short movie.
Accounting Assistance:
The world is growing for a better accountability. We need volunteers to train local staff and local volunteers on new accounting system for our project reporting.
Editing work:
Project proposals need to be well structured and designed before submission to donors. Volunteers are needed to help edit projects and website information before submission and uploading.
Grant Writing: Need volunteers to write grants for ChildHelp's that will gain funding at local and international level.

About Us

Photos, Videos and Reviews

Contact Person

Kaprie J. G. Thoronka
4 Police Barracks Road, Makeni, Sierra Leone.


Additional Info about Us

10 to 20 people

There are gaps in ChildHelp that needs to be filled. These gaps can be filled by a volunteer with delegated task. Volunteers should enquire gaps to be filled if it is in line with ChildHelp's need at that moment.

Social and Humanitarian worker with interest in meeting the need of impoverish and underprivileged children, their families and communities

Closest City: Makeni (0.0KM)

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