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Mwanza, Tanzania, Africa

CIAFDO is non government organization aims to empower women,youth,children nd vulnarable groups in Tanzania through Agriculture,Health,Education, Water and Law sectors

CIAFDO is non-profit organization that established in 2010 by Ms Marium and get governmental registration as non-governmental organization with registration number 00NGO/0009146.The mission of CIAFDO is to empower women,Youth,children and all vulnerable groups through Agriculture,Health,Education,Law,Water and Land sectors.It also fight against Gender based violence and Violence against children and all form of violence and discrimination.CIAFDO aims to become an organization that will help and empower all of that groups of people around Africa and worldwide.According to its mission,vision and goals CIAFDO is in need of volunteers who have different knowledge, skills and abilities so as to make it to develop and reach its goals.

Our Activities

What We Need

Volunteers who will work in making sure that the CIAFDO reach its goals,mission and vision

3-6 months

What We Provide


Tours to the Nation park and attractive place in our country,Training concerning our organization's goals,vision and mission

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Suitable For


Minimum Stay

Any period of time

Staff Size

More than 50 people


This fee is for renting a house for the volunteer to live per month


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Help out from Home

Logo and Graphic Design
Create/Update our Website
Document Translation

Volunteers who can help us in Fundraising,and all other works that will be admitted to her/him in order to help organization to reach its goals

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720 NYAKATO MWANZA, Mwanza, Tanzania.
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