Future in Action - CIPDFA

Volunteer in the Health Sector with the disadvantaged in Trujillo!

Trujillo , Peru, South America
The Center for Research and Promotion for Development "Future in Action" - CIPDFA - is a non-governmental organization whose social object is to contribute to the achievement of sustainable development with equity and inclusion, acting against the structural causes of the poverty of the peoples, putting Emphasis on the less favored sectors such as women, children, and people with disabilities.

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All the time
Nope, we don't require a minimum duration

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Trujillo, Peru.

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5 to 10 people

We believe that in order to achieve our purpose we must improve education, health services emphasizing preventive health, socio-labor training of sectors at risk, Reduce child malnutrition, improve care for people with disabilities and their families.
All from a perspective of inclusion and equity.

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