Civic Forum for Sustainable Development (Civic Forum)

Dhulikhel, Nepal, South Asia
We are social service working in Nepal
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Dhulikhel Municipality, Ward No:7, Kavrepalanchok, Dhulikhel, Nepal.

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Civic Forum for Sustainable Development (Civic Forum) is one of the leading members based Nepalese non-governmental organization (NGO) based at the Kavrepalanchok district. It is a pioneer, an autonomous, non-profit making, non-racial and non-political, non-governmental organization established with the prime aim of environmental conservation, social justice as well as innovative environmental friendly sustainable development and marginalized poorest of the poor people natural resource management. Initially, Civic Forum was established as a forum for sharing ideas and experiences of different development professionals from various disciplines and to contribute on the sustainable development. Civic Forum is registered at Government of Nepal (GoN), Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA), District Administration Office (DAO) at Kavrepalanchok in March 16, 2004 (Registration Number 785/2060/61) on pursuant to section 4 of the Organization Registration Act. 1977 and is also affiliation at Social Welfare Council (SWC) on March 26, 2004 on pursuant to section 13 of the Social welfare Act.1992 and NGO Federation of Nepal.

Civic Forum has been working in the different developmental initiatives for sustainable development at Kavrepalanchok district since its establishment. It is committed in enhancement of social, educational and economic conditions of women, children and deprived section of the community and strengthening the democracy. It is devoted towards holistic development of deprived groups of people (women, children, dalits, janajati and the low caste groups, ethnic and indigenous) who are facing exclusion from normal service delivery mechanisms on grounds such as inaccessibility, flaws in the intervention processes and approaches, gender, caste and ethnicity. It was set/ founded to foster sustainable community development through people's organizations and leadership development and it tends to bring together the services of highly qualified and experienced professional, competent, and dedicated to implement community development initiatives especially for the poor, women and marginalized people agendas in a sustainable manner. Civic Forum has initiated the programs regarding social mobilization, to develop the capacity of citizens, especially of marginalized, vulnerable and women, small infrastructure development, technical and social organizational support, local governance and community development, citizens’ participation and downward accountability in local governance, child rights, human rights, health, hygiene and sanitation program, community based disaster risk reduction, non-formal education, women violence, peace building, democracy, WASH including toilets in community, environment management, skill enhancement, technology promotion, improvement of WASH facilities in Health Posts (HPs)/ Outpatient Therapeutic Posts (OPTs), earthquake affected people relief distribution and social justice as well as innovative environmental friendly sustainable development and marginalized poorest of the poor people natural resource management in the rural areas of Kavrepalanchok, Dolakha, Sindhupalchok and Ramechhap district of Nepal.