Clave de Sur

Guasmo Sur, Ecuador, South America
We run a music school with the objective of teaching one or more musical instruments to children at risk.
We are currently not looking for volunteers.

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John Paredes
Guasmo Sur Coop Mariuxi Febres Cordero Mz 1674 Sl. 1 y 2, Guasmo Sur, Ecuador.

Additional Info about Us

Up to 5 people

The volunteer's schedule depends on the students and their music lessons, but there is usually free time during some of the afternoons.

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The school's objectives go beyond simply teaching music. Learning to play a musical instrument in an alternative environment, which is open to everyone, creates the feeling of security and also the necessary confidence to develop knowledge, aptitude, and competence for those who attend.

This all contributes to reinforcing social cohesion at the heart of both the organization and the neighborhood.