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Coins for Change is a Social Enterprise run by women for the purpose of promoting equal rights and social justice for women and children in Vietnam.

We are leading a network of English centers/clubs that leading by women in Vietnam looking for volunteers to teach English, assist our other subject teachers in classroom, with cultural exchange activities and to improve Vietnamese English teacher’s English speaking ability.
We have been working with volunteers and supporting other volunteer involving projects since years and found that most of volunteers are involve in English teaching activities for small projects in and around Hanoi, Sai Gon or some big cities such as Hai Phong or Da Nang.

Teaching plan, lesson and student’s management are not well prepared, together with no long-term strategic and the commitment of these projects making volunteerism, in this case, somehow causing negative impact to students. Not to mention very limited social impact from the money you made for these English teaching projects.

This initiative aim at supporting English schools and clubs in rural provinces and urban of Hanoi and Sai Gon to improve their training qualification and Vietnamese English teacher’s communication skill and to provide you, as volunteer, a chance to travel around Vietnam, to gain teaching experience and to leave a long term positive impact on improving teaching/communicating skills for Vietnamese English teachers who will stay forever their life improving Vietnamese students’ English.

What We Need

As a volunteer, you are expected to support with:
- Teach English in our small clubs lead by single mothers/domestic violence victims in Hanoi or Sai Gon’s urban areas.
In provinces: Tuyen Quang, Thai Binh and Nghe An
- Organizing cultural exchange activities
- Facilitating English at our clubs/schools
- Supporting Vietnamese teachers to improve their English speaking ability
- Teach other subject such as Art, Music, Dance, Math, Geography, Chemistry…depending on your skills.
- Conducting environment conservation activities
- Supporting famer with farming and husbandry in surrounding villages…
- Supporting Ethic minority students with daily life activities in their boarding school, and abandon kids in SOS school with homework, life skill and so on,

All time through out the year
We prefer volunteers who could stay at least 3 months so that you will learn, make friend with kids and women and help them with the project that you will get involve in. Working arrangements are flexible, though we anticipate you would help a maximum of 4 -5 hours per day, 5 days a week, predominantly in the language schools and play coffee and in separate project suite your expertise.

What We Provide


We will provide the following training and support:
• Induction to organisation
• Full training on all aspects of the role.
• Regular updates on organisational activities
• Support, advice and guidance, from our Volunteer Coordinator
What will Volunteer benefit from our program?
Joining our programs, you will have a lot of benefit such as:
• Make a life-changing experience on students' life by enabling them learn English and more
• Contributing for a better life of disadvantage women and their children
• A great chance for you to integrate into local people’s lives and traditions (the real Vietnamese life),
• Gaining more and deeper knowledge about teaching experiences,
• Having chance to implement your own project, supporting disadvantage women and child.
• Discovering Vietnamese culture, traditions all whilst sampling traditional Vietnamese foods.
• We look after our volunteers
• A chance to learn Vietnamese language,
• Friendly, family-like environment,
• Comfort, convenience and happiness.
Moreover, we can provide Accommodation and Food support
We have 2 locations in Hanoi.
The first is a house in the Tay Ho district of Hanoi. I stay here with single mothers who are at training period, while the house also serves as the training centre and headquarters for the organisation. It is some distance from the schools, though we can arrange a motorbike for you, and there is also a bus available.
The 2nd location is in Ha Dong district. This is an apartment with separate bedrooms and one single mother (our staff) helping to facilitate your activities.
You will have a private room with basic facilities including wifi, laundry and a kitchen, though you may need to share with other volunteers from time to time.
At clubs that hosted by single mothers across the country, you gonna stay with them in their house and with other volunteers.

Important Info

Suitable For


Minimum Stay

Any period of time

Staff Size

10 to 20 people


No cost

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We would thanks million for those who help sharing our information so that more volunteers can join our program and give a hand to support our work!

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Your Contact Person

Hong Tang
No 25 Alley 18/163 An Duong Vuong, Tay Ho, Hanoi, HANOI, Vietnam.
100% response rate , 18 hour(s) response time.

Volunteer Information Package

Other Information

We offer international volunteers an experience of a lifetime. We provide people from all over the world with a comfortable ‘home-stay’ in a lovely area of different provinces in Vietnam. Volunteers are fully supported and live within a ‘family’ situation at the house with other volunteers OR with single mothers and their babies and staff from the organization.

Volunteers have the opportunity to learn to cook or observe Vietnamese food preparation and cooking; explore the city and region on days off; learn Vietnamese; and be immersed in the Vietnamese culture.

International volunteers live for free at the houses in return for a commitment to facilitating English classes (and other activities suite their expertise). Volunteers are asked to prepare for a commitment to facilitating English classes 4 - 5 x classes = 12 - 18 working hours per week. English teaching books and lesson plan on Starlight dropbox will be your resource and you will be able to prepare for your lessons with your coordinator during the day.

You will have a private room with basic facilities including Wifi, laundry and a kitchen, though you may need to share with other volunteers from time to time.

Food will be prepared by our staff, though you are asked to prepare breakfast for yourself since we wake up at different time in the morning. Vietnamese foods are amazing so we encourage you to practice cooking by supporting our staffs.

At our main shelter for Single Mothers in Hanoi, you can learn cooking and making flowers with different materials, sewing and embroidery with our single mothers.

What are you waiting for?

We at Coins for Change Vietnam would love to hear from you!