Communauté ivoirienne de la Grèce

Athina, Greece, Europe
Ivorian refugees and immigrants community of Greece .

Volunteering Activities

Human Rights Work
Social Work
Women Empowerment
Refugee Support

What We Need

We need volunteers to do language classes like English - Greek - French etc ....

We need volunteers to do activities with children, women in our community and community members.

When & Who

Any time.
Yes, we require a minimum of 1 Week

Our Fees

$15 daily

This amount will be used to finance certain activities of our association.

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Contact Person

Moussa Sangare
Patmou 3-5 , 11253, Athina, Greece.
76% response rate

Additional Info about Us

5 to 10 people

The Ivorian community of Greece (Ιβοριανή Κοινότητα Ελλάδας) is a community organization registered in Greece.
C.I.G was registered in 2018 pursuant to Athens Court Decision No. 536/2018.
C.I.G was registered in June 2019 under Ministry of Migration Policy Decision 6452 / 27-6-19.

The objectives of the association are:
I. The culture of communication relations and relations of solidarity between the
members of the Association on the one hand, and between those of Greek society.
II. To promote the harmonious integration of Côte d'Ivoire's nationals
in Greek society.
III. Strengthening the community of Ivorians living and working in Greece.

Means to achieve objectives:
The Association seeks to achieve its objectives by any means, including:

I. Organization of offices and clubs to facilitate communication between members.

II. Organization of Speeches and Conferences of informative content.
III. Organization of seminars and training centers.
IV. Organization of entertainment events.
V. Periodical computer journal edition.
 VI. Performing shows and adopting the necessary operations to promote and promote the interests of the members.
VII. Establish collaborations with large associations and public authorities to promote the interests of members.
 VIII. Any direct or indirect purpose of the Association which has political motives or motives for promoting cooperation with other associations pursuing political aims is prohibited.

We (Refugees and immigrants) have settled here in Greece and are working hard for our integration into Greek society.
We help a lot Ivorians who arrive in Greece and who lived in Greece for their total integration in Greece, to find them work, find houses to sleep, for food, help to make administrative documents.
We also help Ivorian children born in Greece and children who have just arrived in Greece.
We need support to organize seminars, language courses, festivals, integration courses and many other things.