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Community Initiative for Integrated Rural Development

Masaka, Lwengo, Uganda, Africa
CIIRD is a community based organisation in Uganda improving lives of rural poor people in Uganda through innovative and sustainable solutions.

Human Rights
Women Development

Childcare volunteer.
Desire child care center is a small institution that is helping vulnerable children in rural communities to have a good education and care during their early development stages. If you're a childcare volunteer, Desire childcare Center should be your volunteer home because the center has great kids that will welcome your helping hands with open arms. The center is located in Kyabakuza trading center that is only 15 minuted drive from Masaka town.

* Here Volunteers shall work with Desire Child Care Center where they will play with kids and teach them how to read, write count, design easy to use reading material and much more cool stuff.
* Volunteers may also participate in the Child family outreach where we visit selected needy homes with needy children especially those with disabled children.
* The volunteers may also help in mobilizing and distributing basic needs to needy children in the community or even spend a day at a child’s home helping with domestic work.

Conservation Villages.
In our community tree project we work with farmers, community members, local leaders and institutions to conserve the environment through tree planting. The program mainly targets smallholder farmers who directly face the adverse effects of climate change and thus seeks to address these environmental challenges for improved farm output.

Volunteers will work with local groups of people and farmer families in rural communities to protect and conserve the environment through lasting solutions that make villages more sustainable and productive. Activities here include;
* Organizing and participating in tree planting campaigns.
* Organizing and participating in community clean-ups.
* Helping out in raising tree seedlings on our Demo farm in Luteete village.
* Community sensitisation on effects of climate change and how to adapt to the adverse impacts.
* Sensitise local people on waste management and recycling ideas.

Here, we engage young people in schools in conservation activities such as tree planting in their communities. We also work with young people to conserve and protect the environment in schools to enable better learning experience and sustainability of the schools and their communities at large. The students/pupils raise school tree nurseries and distribute seedlings to the community to plant for free.

* If you have any cool ideas in waste recycling or re-using, you will share them with the students/pupils to minimize littering and improper waste disposal in schools. This way you will have improved the hygiene condition of schools and reduced contamination of school lands and grounds which will make schools more attractive and healthier to live in.
* The volunteers will work with schools to educate students/pupils on environment protection, how to grow healthier food in school gardens, and best farming practices. This way you will have provided a reliable source of food and fed many students/pupils in these schools.
Volunteers shall work with pupils and students to establish orchards (fruit tree gardens) in our eco-schools; these will provide fruits to improve students/pupils nutrition while at school and some will be used for learning purposes.
* If you’re passionate about outdoor activities, you will be taking pupils to natural surroundings to discover natural habitats of micro and macro creatures (butterflies, birds, ants, and others) so that young people can appreciate nature and learn how to preserve these eco systems.
* Our students/pupils want to learn better English too! Volunteers who can teach English as a bonus activity during their stay are welcome! Some pupils can’t read/write short stories or speak good English, by helping with teaching English you will have helped to improve pupils’ literacy levels.

During your work with the school, you will work with a students or pupils’ patron and our field supervisor who will guide you on your daily activities.

We promote environment friendly farm enterprises that conserve land resources so we can get the best out of it today without compromising the opportunity of the future generation from benefiting from it. The project focuses on farm related and non-farm enterprises that enhance better rural livelihoods. The integration of livestock such as piggery, goats and poultry with crop farming and integration of trees on smallholder farm lands supports healthier and more stable soils which supports increased farm productivity. Volunteers with skills in smallholder gardening, organic farming and animal husbandry are welcome.

* Volunteers interested in farming activities will share farming skills with local farmers, help smallholder farmers to start and effectively manage a small scale farm enterprise for better profits and self-reliance.

* Volunteers interested in non-farming activities will work on improving members’ skills in non-farming enterprises such as craft making, computer skills, among women and youth who are unemployed and need these skills to earn an income to sustain their livelihoods.

Sustainable energy.
People living in rural communities use unsafe energy options to light their homes and also use wasteful energy options that require a lot of firewood to cook for their families. These devices produce too much smoke that results into respiratory diseases among women and girls who spend more time in kitchens.
The traditional three stone cook stove requires a lot of firewood and thus force local people to encroach and destroy more and more forests to get firewood. Though use of improved cook stoves (wood saving stoves) families can save more firewood and reduces the risk kitchen accidents.

* Volunteers that shall work with local people to improve the existing energy options to save more wood fuel and make them more efficient, improve indoor lighting that is safe and healthy for households.

* Volunteers may also participate in our project “Lighting Luteete” where we buy and install a solar device in a poor farmer family’s home. One home is lit with clean energy at a time.

Human rights education.
The people we work with especially the women and girls don’t know their rights and in many cases, their rights are violated in homes through domestic violence and school based violence. On top of this women are denied rights to land ownership, can’t make farm decisions and in many cases their land is grabbed by men and they are silenced helplessly.

* Volunteers will work with local groups to sensitise then about their rights, how to end acts of domestic violence among families and children.

January - December

1 Week


Accommodation. We will provide home-stay accommodation for volunteers where the volunteer will have their own room, with abed, mosquito net and power. The volunteer will have to share a sitting room, bathroom and toilet with the host family.

Meals. We will provide you with 3 meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner/supper) a day plus a bottle of water.

* Volunteers with special dietary needs such as vegetarians will be catered for.

$89 per Week
$280 per Month
$240 per Month (above 2 months)


Create/Update our Website

Website update. we would like to update our current website so it can help us provide more information, have downloadable documents and other features.
Fundraising. We are also looking for online volunteers who can help us in our water fundraising campaign in Lwengo district. The campaign aims at providing safe water to children in schools.
If you're a Volunteer who would like to volunteer online with us in the above areas, contact us now for details.

CIIRD is a not for profit community based organization in Uganda that was founded to alleviate poverty among rural people and address Environmental challenges in different communities; reduce food insecurity and improve on livelihoods of rural people especially smallholder farmer families through microenterprise while conserving the Environment as well.
Since Agriculture is the main employer of the largest population in rural areas, it was prioritized to help in improving the livelihoods of people in our target communities.

We work with women, youth groups and marginalized groups of people including children, elderly and institutions such as schools.
We promote environment conservation through using sustainable and innovative methods such as Sustainable Agricultural Land Management practices(SALM) and Conservation agriculture which integrate tree planting, best soil and water management practices on farmland thus improving the productivity smallholder farm productivity.

We promote sustainable energy through promoting safe and sustainable energy options that energy efficient and healthy forusers. These include use of wood saving stoves, solar and biogas which our beneficiaries have found very helpful and lifesaving.

Our women and youth empowerment projects focus on improving access to affordable credit, skills development and gender equality which gives them the power to drive development in their communities. The skills they acquire enable them to make products such as crafts which they sell to have extra income besides their farming activities.

Our community development projects focus on sensitizing and mobilizing community members on water and sanitation, reproductive health, outreaches to HIV/AIDS affected communities, Human rights education and other issues that directly affect local people and their communities.

We also work to improve the lives of children through giving them quality and affordable education through our kids care center. At Desire Childcare Center, children are given the opportunity to grow up as normal children should and have quality education that many children our communities still lack.
At CIIRD we believe in working directly with local people on projects that bring about positive and lasting impacts in their lives.

Up to 5 people


We are located 8km from Masaka town, in Kkingo subcouty., Masaka, Lwengo, Uganda.

: +256787092955

: zakegdf

* In our volunteer program, we welcome individuals, couples and teams.
* When you volunteer with CIIRD, you get much more! You will get the opportunity to take part in excursions, Safari trips to any of Uganda's most popular national parks like Murchison fall National park, Queen Elizabeth National Park or Lake Mburo National Park that is only 2 hours from where you will be doing your volunteer work. You will also be at the center of planet Earth. Yes! At the Equator you will take photos or buy souvenirs.
* Online volunteers are highly welcome.
* Volunteers who volunteer with our projects become our Ambassadors and they are given certificates of Appreciation for their volunteer work with us.
* Volunteers with special dietary needs such as vegetarians will be catered for.

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