Companion of Women and Children Empowerment (COWOCE)

Shinyanga, Tanzania, Africa
COWOCE is a Non-partisan, Non-Religious and Non-profit Organization geared at promoting human rights and Community Development.

Volunteering Activities

Human Rights Work
Women Empowerment

What We Need

We need a volunteer who is willing and able in the following areas but not necessarily to be professional.
1. Women Economic Empowerment
2. Microfinancing / Microcredit scheme.
3. Online fundraising
4. Childcare and
5. Construction
6. Social worker
7. English Teacher

When & Who

Any time a year.
Yes, we require a minimum of 14 Days
We welcome long-time volunteer to work with us over three months to one year.
Individuals, Groups

What we Provide

Types: Volunteer House

Options are rented self contained House, or family attachment (Placed to a local volunteering Family and staying as a family member) Rooms has a lot of space and are of high quality. We have permanent water supply, electricity and security,

Types: Variety

Breakfast (Continental i.e piece of fruit, milk Tea/coffee/cocoa, Bread/cakes with jam and butter and boiled eggs)
(b) Lunch OPTIONS: Chicken chips, chicken rice, Beef n rice and rice n fish served with wine /juice/ fresh milk and stiff porridge .
(c ) Dinner OPTIONS: Chicken chips, macaron / Spaghetti, chicken rice, Beef n rice and rice n fish served with wine

First Aid

Our Fees

$20 daily

The fee is a cost that a volunteer/will pay for his or her own expenses such as food, accommodation, transportation, etc.

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More Services we Offer

May have additional fees

1. Accommodation, meals a day, Orientation, Local excursions.
2. Pick up/drop off (airport pick up/drop off included to the program fee)
3. Hospital transport (if needed we provide for free at any time).
4. In house services (3 times a week laundry).
5. Local transport from the volunteer house to the project site and
Above mentioned services will include daily fee.
6. First aid support

Contact Person

Joseph M.Ndatala
P.O.BOx 67, Shinyanga Tanzania, Shinyanga, Tanzania.
93% response rate , 36 hour(s) response time.

Other Ways to support us

There is no requirement of goods, materials or supplies that we need from to volunteer they work with us unless if the volunteer will be willing to contribult building materials we will appreciate because we need to build classrooms.

Additional Info about Us

Up to 5 people

Organization has four permanent staff as it has indicated below with their duties.
1. Chairperson is a daily over all in charge of the organization activities
2. Program Manager is responsible for organizing programs, Developing a budget and new programs to support strategic direction.
3. General Secretary who is to support the Chairperson in ensuring the smooth functioning of the Management
4. Treasurer who ensures that proper financial records and financial reports are well documented


Volunteer will have the opportunity to make tourism to visit various areas that can pay their expenses, these areas are:-
After working hours and weekend days they will be visit the following areas: -
1. Ancient museum located in Shinyanga
2. The Ninghwa water Dam located in Shinyanga Municipality
3. Songwa water Dam and Sailing Club (Fishing Tourism ) located in Shinyanga rural
4. Mwadui Diamond mine Shinyanga Rural
5. Various places of Tourist Cultural activities/ games such as dance, snake games etc.
In addition, a special tour will be organized and they can extend excursion tours in the island known as Saanane in Mwanza (approximately 164 Kms from Shinyanga ) Another opportunity here will be seeing different wildlife that were kept in the area of the island. Also Serengeti National Park located 150 kms from Mwanza Northward can be a good place and option for wildlife tourism for our guests..

The implementation of our activities is not the season we continue to welcome the volunteer all the time.

COWOCE is an abbreviation of Companion of Women and Children Empowerment. Companion of Women and Children Empowerment was established on 22th of October, 2007 as a CBO was called Ebeneza Group working to cover Shinyanga Region and later registered as an NGO on 21th August, 2018 by the Ministry of Community Development, Gender and Children and was issued with the Reg. 00NGO/00009869 under the NGOs Act of 2002, section 12 (2) Tanzania Laws No 24. COWOCE is a Non-partisan, Non-Religious and Non-profit Organization geared at promoting human rights and Community Development. COWOCE was established with the aim of preventing and controlling HIV/AIDS and its effects in the community. The Idea of establishing COWOCE started from few Members of the Organization after seeing many People of their Community Members affected by HIV/AIDS and increasing number of widows, widowers and Vulnerable children who were seeking for assistance in the Community.

In 2017, COWOCE came to realize that violation of Human Rights in the Community was a Problem. Since then, COWOCE started working on four core programs which are; HIV/AIDS control and prevention, Child and Youth Protection, Community awareness on the women, elderly and Children and Prevention of Gender Based Violence, Child marriages and Early pregnancies. The COWOCE’s goal is to enhance community especially women, youth, children and the elders with capacity to access legal aid services, reduce incidence of HIV/AIDS and its impacts, income generation and abilities to prevent human rights violation