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Comunidad Inti Wara Yassi

Villa Tunari, Bolivia, South America
CIWY is Bolivia’s leading organization in wildlife rights and care. We run three Wildlife Custody Centres where we care for over 400 rescued animals.


Volunteering in our wildlife centres is hard work. However it is also incredibly rewarding, unique and sure to be a memorable experience.
We work with big cats, small cats, monkeys, birds and anything else which needs our help.
More information you can find here: http://intiwarayassi.org/index.php?id=60

We need volunteers all year around.

We will post updates on the ‘general information’ volunteering page of the website (subheading ‘current availability’) if we are either full up, or are desperate for volunteers at any particular one of our three Centres. However, if there are no updates on this page then we have availability at all three Centres, so please keep an eye on this.

The one thing we are strict on is the 15 day minimum volunteering period (30 days if working with certain animals - including all felines, certain monkey groups, the spectacled bear etc.). This minimum time period is a policy put in place for the benefit and stability of our animals. You are of course welcome to stay much longer than this – we have no maximum length of stay!


According to the Centre, we offer different facilities.
At Parque Machia only housing and lunch is included. There are kithcne facilites and a local town in walking distance.
At Parque Ambue Ari and Parque Jacj Cuisi, housing and full board is provided.

Parque Machia:
15-night package 2,070 Bs.
30-night package 3,470 Bs.
31st and subsequent nights 75 Bs. per night

Parque Ambue Ari:
15-night package 2,570 Bs.
30-night package 4,070 Bs.
31st and subsequent nights 80 Bs. per night

Parque Jacj Cuisi:
8-night Package 1,420 Bs.
30-night Package 3,870 Bs.
31st and subsequent nights 80 Bs. per night


Document Translation

We need volunteers to translate documents from English to Spanish and from Spanish to English. This might be easy language, but also more technical language could be needed.

For more than 20 years CIWY has cared for rescued wildlife, given disadvantaged youth a sense of purpose through involvement with wildlife care, and educated the Bolivian public to respect wildlife. Our largest focus continues to be aiding animals affected by the animal trade, although in more recent years we have focused more of our attention on preventing the illegal animal trade. As Bolivia’s leading organization in wildlife rights and care, we hope to make drastic changes in our country’s view of wild animals and make strides in ending a cruel trade that removes them from their natural homes.

10 to 20 people


Avenida Integración, Villa Tunari, Bolivia.

More information about our updated wihslist you can find here:

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