Consortium for Health Action

We are actively transitioning to help children. Our next missions are teaching English and helping young children with developmental delays and autism.

Volunteering Activities

Web Work

What We Need

1) Teach English to help children in need or raise funds
2) Google Ads expertise to identify volunteers and attract those in need
3) Fundraising strategy
4) Update our website

We are in the process of updating our website to "Help Children." Our vision is to provide a simple and clear steps for family's to take to do what we have done for our son with autism here. He is making remarkable improvement. We want to share this widely.

In addition, my wife taught herself English, without ever interacting with a native English speaker. We would like to provide simple steps for poor children can take to learn English independently as she did.

When & Who

As soon as available
Nope, we don't require a minimum duration

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No fees

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Contact Person

Colin Ohrt
Mulberry Lane, Ha Dong, Ha Noi, Ha Noi, Vietnam.
61% response rate

Additional Info about Us

Up to 5 people

My wife and I have been volunteering for three years. We are exploring about how to have volunteers help us move toward having real impact.


ConsortiumHA leadership’s family and friends have been impacted by childhood developmental delays and autism. After our initial malaria mission, this has brought us to our next mission to “Help Children.” We have now developed expertise in this area and believe this is a huge unmet public health need where we can have real impact.

We also will help improve children's lives through English education. We are seeking volunteers to help us improve children's lives through teaching English (both for children in need and to raise funds).