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Rancho Agrosol

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We need a person who wants to take care of goats and sheep.

Must have skills in animal care, filling records, cleaning in the stables, worry about increasing milk production, and dairy products for self-sufficiency of the ranch and a little more for sale.

6 meses


We can offer a place to live in a shared room with students and travelers, three meals a day, internet and basic services.

If you are a saver you can live with 30 dollars a month since everything is on our farm. That money alone would serve to buy things for personal cleanliness and a party a month.


We are an integrated cooperative of 9 members, organized to train young people from the rural area of the state of Veracruz, in the creation of integrated farms. Our main philosophy is based on practice over theory, we say that what you can do with your hands is never forgotten.

The farm we live in has 17 ha.; we periodically have young students staying with us and practicing in different activities such as compost preparation, animal care, gardening, processing raw materials, among other things.

5 to 10 people


Privada a Loma Escondida 14-1, Zoncuantla, Coatepec, Mexico.

Mosquito repellent
Work boots
Cover to cover the water
Hat or cap
Long sleeves
Working trousers
A razor


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