Besisahar, Nepal, South Asia
COPPADES is a non profit non governmental organization working in rural communities in Nepal.

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Committee for the Promotion of Public Awareness and Development Studies (COPPADES) is a rural based, non profit, non governmental organization registerd under the Institution Registration Act of the Government of Nepal in the year 1990.

The vision of COPPADES is to contribute positively to the creation of an equitable society in the grassroots as well as to the national level that helps to the realization of social justice.

The mission of COPPADES is to promote organizational activities among women, the poorest and the discriminated groups of people by building up awareness among them and empowering them through organizational activities and economic self dependence.

COPPADES started its activities, initially in 1988, with the financial support of the Student Alumni Association of the World College West, a liberal arts college operating with its home campus in Petaluma, California, USA. The college had its regular study abroad program in Nepal with focus on international development through which students came to Nepal, stayed with Nepali host families and participated in community development activities as part of their study.

COPPADES is currently involved in providing relief and other livelihood support to the April 25, 2015 earthquake hit communities in Lamjung and Gorkha Districts. Initially, immediately after the earthquake COPPADES provided emergency food supplies, blankets and tarpaulin to families the victim families followed by support for temporary shelter. Currently, COPPADES is helping the communities to rebuild their permanent shelters.

COPPADES' ongoing efforts are the reduction of poverty, promoting good governance, eliminating gender based and other forms of discrimination.