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CRACYP--Progreso Verde

Cuidad San Luis de Pambil -Ecuador, Ecuador, South America

We facilitate sustainable rural development in a cash-poor, agriculturally rich area of Ecuador.

Our mission is "Progreso Verde" or "Green Progress" - that is, social and economic development, but in a way which protects the environment. We build environmental awareness and motivate and assist local communities to take practical conservation action. Our sustainable development projects help to increase incomes to the point where people are able to think further ahead than the next meal and can afford to care about the environment.

Our Activities

What We Need

Develop our sustainable living demonstration site; enhace local economic cooperatives in cacao, cafe, and sugar cane; improve eco-tourism in the area; connect our village with outside markets, watershed protection; teach English or other skills you bring!

1 month

What We Provide


At our beautiful location near our river, for up to 3 volunteers at a time, we provide very rustic accommodation in bamboo casitas and simple, healthy vegetarian food from this tropical region. We have cold showers, fruit trees everywhere, wi-fi, hammocks to enjoy ,river fun, and speak only Spanish--well, also a little French, Portuguese and English-- in our friendly community environment. We wash our clothes by hand. We share conversation and our volunteers share our meals as part of our extended family. You can walk a short distance to town to enjoy village nightlife on the plaza, ecua-volley or futbol, or buy a chicken-and-platano kebab when you need a meat fix. Nearby in the lush mountains you can hike to visit waterfalls and an eco-tourism project, Piedra Blanca. There is one cash distribution terminal, but no discos, supermarkets, or movie theatres. Life is simple here, but never boring--we always have projects happening!

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Minimum Stay

Any period of time

Staff Size

Up to 5 people


$50 per week, to cover basic expenses.

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Cuidad San Luis de Pambil -Ecuador, Ecuador.
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Other Information

i enjoy connecting by WhatsApp--contact me!--Raul Cabrera
If you would like to talk to a veteran volunteer from the USA, contact toddwynward@gmail.com.

Our Wish List

we are seeking economic connections with other countries for our local products such as cacao, cafe, panela, and organic cane alcohol. We also seek donations of newer-model laptops.

What are you waiting for?

We at CRACYP--Progreso Verde would love to hear from you!