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Creative Stewardship Network

Gulu, Uganda, Africa
We are a social enterprise group dedicated to inspiring, empowering and motivating communities to become a more productive force of development agents to their communities.

Women Development

Volunteers are welcome to support us either from where they are or come work with us in Uganda.


Depending on the nature of services required and duration of the project under which a volunteer is posted.


Language classes, tour guidance, cultural exhibitions

Individuals, Family with Kids, Groups

Create/Update our Website
Social Media Help

Currently we are looking for an expert volunteer to design for us a website, as well as supporting us in creating a network of supporters of CSN in schools, churches and other communities.

Creative Stewardship Network (CSN) is a Christian social enterprise and leadership hybrid organization that has been founded to partner in the stewardship mandate of God’s creation, while contributing towards creating employment, fighting corruption, and poverty. The organization’s intervention will mainly target empowering youths and vulnerable women who are mostly affected by unemployment and poverty challenges and to operate exclusively for improving their lives as well as the human stewardship mandate of God’s Creation across communities, nations and globally through a holistic and creative approach to development.
We envision a world where everyone is productive and responsibly accountable to the Stewardship mandate of God’s creation. So dedicate out time, resources, talent and creativity to inspire, empower and motivate communities to become responsible and productive force of development agents to their communities, nations and to the whole world.

Our Core values
1. God fearing- Applying “kingdom principle on earth” in all we do while seeking to meet the needs of others.
2. Creativity and Productivity – We are creative, we are productive. That’s our major asset we are proud of sharing with others. We love to see a creative and productive force working towards the development of their societies.
3. Accountability and Responsibility – We are accountable. We are responsible. We desire a world where responsibility and accountability is part of our daily life. That is how we bring God’s Kingdom on earth.
4. Integrity and Trustworthiness – We are honest. We treat others with all the love and integrity they deserve.
5. Art of Service – We use whatever influence God has given us to serve people

Our Program Areas1. Education Initiative (EI)
a) Leadership, Stewardship and Management training sessions –
We conduct both Institutionalized or in-class and outreach training sessions. Topics that are taught mainly empower learners to become good stewards of the resources entrusted to them by God; ranging from HR management practices, project management, Leadership skills, Management skills, and entrepreneurship/business skills, etc

b) Capacity Building initiatives
We provide capacity building initiatives to individuals, institutions, corporate companies etc in order to improve on productivity. This will range from Skills development trainings, Team building trainings, Human Resources workshops, Internship and apprenticeship, mentorship.

2. Childcare Ministries (CCM)
A) Institutionalized childcare – We care for abandoned children and those whose identity is untraceable
a) Rescue (abandoned children, homeless, orphans)
Home – We care for them in a home state to allow them grow a normal life
Health care unit – We provide health care for children
b) Raise (education, healthcare, feeding, protection, love etc)
Kindergarten – We give conducive learning environment for children to learn – (Little Stewards Kindergarten)

B) Community childcare – Identity traceable children
a) Rescue (abandoned children, homeless, orphans)
b) Reintegrate (family tracing during rescue, Community Relationship Connect-CRN, reintegrate-family/community reunion)

3. Community Empowerment Initiatives (CEI)
A) Women Empowerment Network (WEN)
a) VSLA approach - Mobilize women in to an entry point grouping
b) Entrepreneurship empowerment initiative – Facilitate small business skills trainings, Guide business, follow up, Market linkages
c) Provide revolving se

Up to 5 people

P.O. Box 82, Gulu, Gulu, Uganda.

Computers, Printers, Supplies for children


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