Crossover Volunteer Ghana [CVG]

Ho, Ghana, Africa
Crossover Volunteer Ghana is register grassroots non-profit working on sustainable community development projects in reducing poverty on education and health farming etc (e.g. effect more children attending school, improve resources at the school etc.

Volunteering Activities

Agriculture Work
Women Empowerment

What We Need

Community Development: You will be working with us on grassroot level to help build organisational capacity, ensuring change and improvements are sustainable. Volunteers work together with local to help fulfill the various basic needs of the several grass root communities in Volta by creating community projects to facilitate development and empowerment. The overall aim of this project is to uplift the children, adults and families of these communities. Many communities lack basic social amenities, therefore the level of poverty is very high. Volunteers have an opportunity to make a real long-term difference in the lives of those they live among.

• Training members in leadership skills
• Fundraising and proposal writing
• Creating an effective accounting system
• Teaching computer skills
• Teaching English skills
• Assist to write bylaws
• Developing community projects

Health Care: Students participating in the Health Education programme will be based in a local clinic where they will work and assist doctors and nurses. Surrounding the beautiful region of Volta Ghana, there are rural villages which have very few resources for health care. The main goal of this project is to increase the support available to these communities and to make a difference in the health and the lives of these people.

• Gaining basic medical experience in local clinics and hospitals through observation and interaction with nurses, midwives, and doctors
• Playing a role in HIV/AIDS education and awareness
• Assisting with tasks such as baby weighing, medication packaging, etc.
• Conducting home visits or duty at the clinics
• Organizing nutrition/health education initiatives for local children
• Repairing and maintaining the facilities
• Assisting with filling and archiving patient files

Teaching: Our teaching program places volunteers in Pre-schools, Primary Schools, Junior High Schools and Senior High Schools throughout the Volta. Volunteers may teach one or more subjects including English, French, Computers, Mathematics or Science. Volunteers will be able to pass on invaluable skills in English use and grammar as well as emphasize the importance of a good education to Ghanaian students and teachers.

• Prepare lesson plan,teaching classes and evaluating student progress
• Encouraging students and acting as teacher-advisor for students
• Running extracurricular sport,club activities
• Communicating with parents about students' progress
• Helpin sutdents who need extra help of normal lessen hours
• Maintaining school discipline in the classroom(classroom management)

When & Who

Crossover Volunteer Ghana offers a range of programmes all year round, options and timeframes that will suit most volunteer.
You can volunteer at the project site in Ho Volta/Ghana between 4 weeks and 24 weeks

What we Provide


Volunteers will be fed three meals a day and save with drinking water.
Your meals will typically consist of traditional Ghanian dishes, including rice, beans, maize meal, root, vegetables, fish, meat and Vegetarian meals.
Provided in a Ghanaian home stay/ host family with a room and depending on the timing of your trip, you may be linked with another volunteer in the home stay and project. If for any reason this would be a problem for you, please let us know. All of our Caretakers and host families have been trained to provide a warm, safe, and clean environment for volunteers. Your host family will truly adopt you as one of their own, and you are encouraged to feel at ease with them. All living quarters have a nice room, bed, bath and facilities, and a lock on the door. You will have drinking and bathing water. Beds are provided and electricity is available (power-outs may occur). This is also a great opportunity to experience the local way of life you should plan on bringing a flashlight as well. You will have three meals a day, and if there are any problems with the meals (too spicy, for example) please discuss it with your Caretaker so that the menu can be changed.
Our project also includes the following service/costs:

• Airport pick-up and transport to project site
• Accommodation and three times a meal
• 24/7 in-country support
• Donation to our project for vulnerable children
• Administrative expenses


Our Fees

No fees

Costs (Prices in USD)
4 weeks (min. stay)
5 weeks
6 weeks
7 weeks
9 weeks
11 weeks
24 weeks (max. stay)

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Contact Person

Joy Avexoh
Ho, Ghana.

Other Ways to support us

We are looking for Shose for school kids, football iterms, Used loptop for schools kids, books bags and cloths for 300 school kids.
Crossover Volunteer Ghana
P.O Box HP 613 HO,
Ghana Volta Region
West African.

Additional Info about Us

5 to 10 people

Activities Infos
Learning of how to play drums and dance with local People the traditionel dance of Volta Region: Borborbor, Agbadza and Kpanlongo Dance. - learning of how to cook Ghanian Food with your host family - learn the local language, called Ewe - participate and visit local Festivals, as the Yam Festival, Kente Festival
Volunteers get weekends off allowing them in their ample time to explore attractions in and around the city.
Here are some exemples for trips which can be organized: Monkey Village in Tafi Atome (close to Hohoe), Wli Waterfalls the biggest in West Africa and they can go to different beaches, like Busua, Butre, trip to Accra, the capital City of Ghana, to see the National Museum, Kwame Nkrumah Museum, lighthouse in Jamestown, Markola market, Art Center, Aburi Garden. They also visit Capa Coast Castle and Emina Castle, acient slaves Castles. Kakum National Park, where you can do a canopy walt Places to visit in your holidays: Mole National Park where you can see elephants, bamboos, antilope, warthog and Paga Crocodile Ponds, where you can see how crocodiles will be feed

Our mission To utilize the expertise, skills and vision of volunteers to work on sustainable community development projects in reducing poverty on education and health farming etc (e.g. effect more children attending school, improve resources at the schools, enhance current business practices, improve community members knowledge of health and hygiene)

To promote volunteerism and voluntary efforts in social and national development
To fight poverty and exclusion, to strengthen the capacity of disadvantaged communities and to support peace, human rights and equality for all through the mobilisation of resources

Crossover Volunteer Ghana offers a range of programmes, options and timeframes that will suit most volunteer skills, preferences and qualities. Volunteers have a choice of the below program options and can also design their own, in consultation with CVG should they have something different in mind.

All volunteers are partnered with a counterpart and caretaker. Their counterpart is someone who is involved in their project and community and who is able to assist with questions, concerns and general navigation of day to day life in Ghana. Their caretaker is generally a member of their host family or a person in the community responsible for their well- being.

Program Options:

Community development projects
Teaching in local schools
Health Care
Farming Advisor Programme
Sports coaching
Personalised project as designed by the volunteer

Upon Volunteer arrival, you will receive a comprehensive orientation including:

• Meet and greet with the project staff
• Introduction to Ho and the surrounding area
• Overview of the project
• Cultural introduction on life in Ghana
• Relevant information about the education system.
• Safety precautions
• Local simcard