Volunteer with Destiny Community School

Destiny Community School

Lusaka, Zambia, Africa
We are a charity providing education to the orphaned & Vulnerable Children in Zambia

Women Development

We are looking for volunteers to run our child sponsorship program, work in administration, teaching Mathematics, Science, English, ICT, Physical education & doing fundraising for the school.

As soon as possible

A Minimum of two weeks


We provide our volunteers with accommodation, meals & transport within the volunteer contributions.

Transport Cost Per Month $ 400
Meals Cost Per Month $600
Medical Cost per Month $200
Accomodation Cost Per Month $ 4500


Create/Update our Website

Raise Child Sponsors & also updating our website & Facebook page

Destiny Community Centre was found in 2001 with the core objectives of providing education to the most disadvantaged children in our communities. Since then, Destiny has been registered with the registrar of societies and also with the Ministry Of Education And Early Child development.

The compelling story was that our community called Matero was the most hit community by the HIV/AIDS pandemic in the all of Zambia. Mainly this was attributed to high poverty levels that made our people get into all kinds of negative behaviors. 33% of our people were infected and were dying at a very alarming speed. By this time, there were no ARVS interventions by the government till late 2004. Being a clergyman, much time was spent on conducting funerals. This left most of the children orphaned and vulnerable. And so Destiny was started as a quick community response to the suffering of the so many orphaned children. A way was to be found to give these children a future. We couldn’t sit and watch death devastate children’s destinies and so something was to be started. Initially the founders would go into the community from door to door, identify needy children, find school place for them in the government schools and then pay for their school requisites.

By 2001, about 150 children were enrolled into these public schools and sponsored by the founders of Destiny. However, public schools reached a saluted point where they couldn’t take in any more these children. It was at this point Destiny was born with 30 children and 2 volunteer teachers learning in an old abandoned and vandalized former City Council beer hall. Today Destiny Community Centre is the hope of so many children.

20 to 50 people


Plot No 75 Nthala Crescent, Off Mzilikazi Rd, Industrial Area, Matero, Lusaka, Zambia.

Our school is an examination centre for grades Eight & Nine. It has also a Tax Rebate status.

The School needs School Supplies I.e Books, Markers, Balls, skipping ropes, School pool Vehicle, Teachers Textbooks, internet Facilities, construction of a staff room, construction of eught more classrooms & food supplies for children school lunch.


What are you waiting for?

We at Destiny Community School would love to hear from you!