Volunteer with Development for Cambodian Children (DCC)

Development for Cambodian Children (DCC)

Battambang, Cambodia, South East Asia
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We are a grassroot nonprofit organization working with Cambodian Children in Education and Soccer in Battambang, Cambodia.

Volunteering Activities

Women Empowerment

What We Need

We need the volunteer to join us to make our community different.

When & Who

At any time
at least 15 days

Contact Person

Rd 153, Group 09, Sna Pimuk Village, Khpoub Commune, Aek Phnom Districk, Battambang, Cambodia, Battambang, Cambodia.

Other Ways to Help

Social Media Help
Video/Photo Editing
Accounting Assistance
Editing Work

We are very appreciated any time that you have for us.

Additional Info about Us

Up to 5 people

To see all children live and prosper in an environment of happiness, love, and respect for others, and whose aim is to create a brighter future.
DCC will work with children—especially vulnerable children—, as well as with their families and the local community to enable them to become active and responsible members of their community and their country. DCC recognizes the hardships facing poverty-stricken households today; therefore, DCC is committed to providing direct support to struggling families.

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