NAIROBI, Kenya, Africa
This is a community program that is providing support for the children and the students in our community.
we are registered with the govenment and involved in charity work for social developemnt.


The community project need the folowing work done -teaching-fundrasing-resource mobilization-net working on -web work and partneship developement.

considering the kind of challenges that the project is going through and the kind of hope that we have interms of serving the community.
we kindly suggest that -we need the volunteers soonest so that they can be attached to variouse community empowerment projects with adifrence.

when it comes to the duration of stay -the project is very flexible but we wish the volunteers will spend more time helping the project to overcome some of the challenges . we would suggest at least 8 weeks and above to enable the volunteers aquint them selves with the project need and aspirations founded on the future developemnt of the program.


We have a community hostel that is affordable and a concept of giving back to the community which is lacking in many community guest houses.
we shall provide rice ,meat,potatoes,chapati,ugali,warm water,soft drinks,tea,poridge,cofeee,milk and other taditional food staffs like yams ,fish ......
again we shall provide good housing concept for the volunteers vising our community project.

Again we would like to explain that the usd 50 reservation fee will go to the project directly to support buying of stationary for the school children who can not afford.
the usd 200 per week will cater for meals,internette ,internal trasport accommodation ,some one who will guide the volunteers ,and support the project activities.


Create/Update our Website
Social Media Help
Document Translation
Video/Photo Editing
Editing Work

online fundrasing,photo editing,grant writing,researching,report developement,web work ,vedeo confrencing and presenting the project in fundrasing forums etc

The project through a community based school is providing education to the needy and suporting students to achieve their potential.
our school is made of iron sheets and containers class rooms provided by the community well wishers.
currently we have atotal of 230 and 16 who are supporting the project on a voluntary basis due to the challenges.

10 to 20 people


p o box 51303 nairobi, NAIROBI, Kenya.

this is apoor community where most children and students dont go to school due to social economic problems and lack of family cohesion.
drug abuse is very rampant and has abig relationship with the consumption of drugs .
most of the guadians of the beneficiaries are school drop outs and need skill based traning to advance their lives by providig capacity building support.

we need balls,books,clothes,shoes,computers,lockers,office table and refursbisment of classrooms while in future the project wish to have land for construction and expansion.
we are again lookikng forward to have exchange programs with diffrent organizations,schools and individual philanthropist across the globe.


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