Diyalo Pariwar

Bharatpur, Nepal, South Asia
We are locally organized and volunteering organization registered with government as a Social Organization in Nepal. We are more dedicated for children's betterment along with holistic community development taking care of Gender, climate change, HIV/AIDS, Child Protection among others.
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Diyalo Road, Narayangarh, Bharatpur, Nepal.

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20 to 50 people

Diyalo Pariwar (DP) was established in 1 June 1978 by the efforts of some youths with the aim of social enthusiasm to contribute in the social activities. In the days of its inspection, Diyalo concentrated its activities in small locally limited type of programs regarding welfare and charitable programs such as cleaning and management of waste, installation of post letter stands, sports, cultural activities (i.e. – Deusi & Bhailo events etc.), stall programs in festivals, rescue programs in natural disasters, establishment of reading room for local youths and Child education support in the primary level schools etc. After the registration, with concerned bodies of Government in 1985, Diyalo Pariwar was noticed by some donor agencies and began work as a social change agent in the communities.

Practically, Diyalo Pariwar is experienced with various development paradigms and models; namely initial stage as a local self-help group, institutional development stage as an intermediary organization and professionalism stage as holistic community development services implementing organization. According to the gradual shift on ideology, development perspectives caused by the national perspectives, Diyalo Pariwar involved in to the existing development values, norms and practices and believes in go to the people, live among them, learn from them, plan with them and work with them, start with what they know and build with what they have, teach by showing and learn by doing as continuous change process.

Diyalo Pariwar’s:

Vision statement:

"Contribute to build the nation of equitable, peaceful, self-reliant and affluent societies through the holistic development activities as the established and strengthened a dynamic and capable NGO".


• To build capacity at all levels of social actions/implementations.
• To strengthen capacity to involve in civil society and NGO partnership (including bilateral, multilateral and public private partnerships).
• To enhance participation contributing to policy and stimulating actions.
• To strengthen the existing NGO Development resource center.

• To motivate people for self-reliance and create circumstances achieving sustainable or eco-friendly development through empowering women, disables, disadvantaged groups and deprived section of the country.
• To make the people aware on human rights, peace and development and mobilize and further strengthen the capacity of community structure to create to the protective environment to the children in the community

Motivate and creation of circumstances achieving self-reliance and sustainable development through people's empowerment.
To bring out Diyalo Pariwar as a self reliant, self-sustaining professional non-profit making social development organization.

The works or projects that were implemented during the reporting period have been categorized in 5 programming themes bulleted as follow.

 Child Rights and protection (includes health and education plus)
 Social Mobilization and Poverty Alleviation
 Women and Community Empowerment
 Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)