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Dolphin school of English

Kratie, Cambodia, South East Asia

Who we are

Nonprofit school in Kratie province, Cambodia

Teaching at the home-based school and at the school nearby. We ask our volunteers to help for 3-5 hours per day from Monday to Friday, so there's plenty of free time.

No teaching experience is required, just a good standard of English and enthusiasm to help the kids. Smiles go a long way!

Lessons can include playing educational games, role-playing, doing sports, singing songs, drawing simple pictures, taking part in social and cultural activities, and any other ideas you may have.

There are books and materials available to follow, and we ask each teacher to note down what they've done before leaving (so we don't end up teaching the kids the same lessons over and over).

Sometimes, there's also a small group of local adults who like to practice their English language skills with volunteers in the evenings.

Primarily based in the office (5 minutes from the school and volunteer house). We always need one or two volunteers to help in the office with tasks such as maintaining our website and updating our Facebook page, replying to emails, applications/feedback, etc.

We are also working to increase awareness of our project and raise funds, so ideas for, and the implementation of these, are always welcome.

We are currently looking to produce promotional materials, posters and donation boxes, etc (as cheaply as possible), and trying to reach out into the local community and to local businesses, such as hostels, etc, to support and promote our project.

We also have some ideas for future fundraising, when we are more established (and have a steady enough stream of volunteers), these include:
- Reaching out to schools in the UK/USA/AUS, etc, for fundraising (such as sponsored reads and cultural exchanges).
- TripAdvisor: offering mini talks/tours of the school for a small donation (the site itself will need some work for this to be viable).

All year

Seeking reliable volunteers who would ideally like to stay for a minimum of 1 to 3 months. The longer you can stay, the better (we are even very happy to take volunteers who want to stay for several months! - visa extensions are available in Phnom Penh).

In return for your work, we provide:

We provide free accommodation in our newly purpose built volunteer house, located right above the school (or possibly one room on its own downstairs), the accommodation is only a 5-10 minute walk from the office. The house has three private bedrooms for volunteers (plus the other rooms sometimes available downstairs). There are also shared communal areas like a bathroom, a kitchen and a large, comfortable sitting area. There is electricity and beds have bedding and mosquito nets.

There is internet available 24 hours a day at the office a 5-minute walk from the school and volunteer house). For onsite internet, local SIM cards are cheap and easy to use, and can be bought from small shops nearby.

You can use the kitchen to cook your own meal. There is a small market close by, where you can buy vegetables, fruits, rice and pasta. If you don't like cooking, there is a hotel with a restaurant close by and there are plenty of restaurants in the city center.

Volunteers have free shared access to one motorbike, and four bicycles, for getting to and from town.
During the weekends it is possible to explore all Kratie province has to offer. On Sundays, the kids like you to take them to the swimming pool. Although this is not a compulsory activity, it is a lot of fun!

We can provide a minivan direct from Phnom Penh Central Market (Phsar Thmei) to our house, for $5 for one seat ticket. Please contact us if you would like to arrange this and further details will be provided. If you are coming from Phnom Penh airport, you can get a tuk tuk or taxi from the airport to the Central Market and then take the minivan to Kratie.

We also provide a minivan from Siem Riep to our school in Kratie, for $10 for one seat ticket. You'll be picked up at your accommodation. Again, please contact us if you would like to arrange this and further details will be provided.

We welcome volunteers from everywhere around the world. We don’t ask for any qualification, only a good motivation, some skills and smiles. Through this experience, you will receive as much as you give.

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Dolphin School of English started in January 2016 on Koh Trong Eco tourism Island (50 students) and in Orussey Village 1 (30 students). At the moment, we are providing classes at Koleap School teaching English to 70 students in 7th, 8th and 9th grades. In Orussey Village 1, we teach around 35 students, and in Trapaing Pring village 25 students every day.

Dolphin School of English provides free English lessons to poor or vulnerable children who are unable to attend English classes at private schools. We believe learning an international language will help them in their future. We also provide IT skills to students who lack knowledge in this area.
We welcome international travellers who wish to share their skills and knowledge with children. We have recently started to organize a class for adults who work for NGOs in Kratie and want to improve their English in order to be able to communicate with people from abroad. They are really friendly, motivated and thankful!

We welcome volunteers from everywhere around the world. We don’t ask for any teaching qualification, only a good motivation and smiles. Through this experience, you will receive as much as you give.


Up to 5 people

Orrusey village, Kratie town, Kratie province, Cambodia, Kratie, Cambodia.



Dolphin School of English is a project of KAFDOC

School materials (such as pencils, rulers, sharpeners, books and notebooks), old computers, educational toys, etc, are very much appreciated as the students are poor. But this is by no means a requirement to come here.

Like and share our social media page, leave good feedback for us and tell your friends and other volunteers about the work we do!

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: +855717328484