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Dovic Relief Cameroon

Douale, Cameroon, Africa

The Dovic Relief Fund believes the economic empowerment of Women will reduce the poverty levels of the area.

The African tradition believes women do not have to be formally educated and go to school. As a result, women are left in a position where they are uneducated regarding different diseases they can contract, cannot economically provide for themselves of their family.

Our organization believes that through education women will be empowered.

We have a training period of about 6 months which includes health education (how to stay healthy from STDs, ebola, AIDS etc), and business education. The women are taught how to start and manage their own small business. They also receive training in how to create a certain product, for example- necklaces, footwear, local detergents, etc.

We also work with younger girls, and their families, encouraging them to support their formal education.

Our Activities

What We Need

For the work with women-
Volunteers for health education, English reading, handwork teaching (passing on a skill they can create and sell as a business).

For the work with girls- Volunteers who can teach basic English reading and writing skills. These volunteers do not need to be certified teachers, but they do need to have experience working with children.

2 months

What We Provide


We can provide sleeping accommodations for 2 volunteers at a time, and one meal per day.

We can recommend places to stay in the area.

Important Info

Suitable For


Minimum Stay

Any period of time

Staff Size

Up to 5 people



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Your Contact Person

Douale, Cameroon.

Other Information

Volunteers are asked to promote and help raise funds for the projects.

Our Wish List

-sawing mechings to help singel mothers start up small sawing businesses
-computers to start a computer training center for women at the slums of Ndobo-Douala
_English text books for beginners
Mailing Adress
Rosette Fomunung
Box 7745
Douala Akwa

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