Los Órganos, Peru, South America
We are an NGO working to promote and contribute to the conservation and sustainability of marine ecosystems in the Southeast Pacific by the integration of scientific research, sustainable management, environmental education and outreach, and inter-institutional collaboration.
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ecOceánica will cover local transport only for purposes related to field work between Los Órganos and its surroundings, including Puerto Pizarro.

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Shaleyla Kelez
Panamericana Norte, Los Órganos, Peru.

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Up to 5 people

Discuss with the volunteer the work plan and schedule of activities to ensure that the research objectives are met as agreed on.
Provide the volunteer with all the required information and guidance regarding the professional, social and cultural activities to be carried out in the area concerning the studied object.
Provide professional and humane conditions for appropriate field activities.
Provide direction and guidance regarding the basic knowledge.


1. Sea turtle aquatic surveys in El Ñuro (February, June and October).
2. Sea turtle aquatic surveys in Los Órganos (March, July and November).
3. Monitoring of sea turtle nesting activity (August to January).
4. Interviews with fishermen to gather fisheries information. (Year-round).
5. Data collection from landed sharks and rays. (Year-round).
6. Whale sharks marine surveys. (October to February).
7. Aquatic surveys to evaluate habitat use of sea turtles. (Year-round).
8. Beach walks to evaluate marine fauna strandings (sea turtles, sea lions, cetaceans). (Year-round).
9. Rehabilitation of strandings of sea turtles.
10. Environmental education activities in schools and festivals. (Year-round).

EcOceánica was founded in 2009 by four biologists with a long experience in marine conservation and applied research. Its current staff is composed of a multidisciplinary group of professionals including biologists, social communicators, environmental educators, fisheries engineers, chemical engineers among others. The objectives are:

- Increase knowledge on marine ecosystems in Southeast Pacific through the development and implementation of scientific research.
- Develop and implement programs of research, conservation, management and recovery of marine environments, especially in Peru.
- Promote environmental awareness, appreciation and sustainable use of marine resources through the development and implementation of education and awareness programs.
- Encourage the incorporation of technical and scientific information in conservation programs proposed by the government.
- Support local initiatives that promote marine conservation.
- Engage, through research and education, coastal human communities in an active conservation of marine ecosystems.
- Identify priority marine areas for conservation and recovery.
- Propose mitigation measures and conservation programs in the context of global climate change.
- Disseminate all technical and scientific information to contribute to the ultimate objective of ecOceánica.

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