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Ecoreach Foundation

Kathmandu, Nepal, South Asia
We are non-profit organization working in agriculture, environment and natural resources management in Nepal

Women Development

Ecoreach foundation is looking for volunteers in different community development projects in Nepal. Most of the projects are related to agriculture, environment, and natural resources management. Volunteers with an innovative idea and willingness to help communities in desperate need of help are welcome to apply. Currently, we accept volunteers in following sectors:

*Construction and Renovation,
*Community development,
*Indigenous knowledge on farming sectors documentation,
*Indigenous knowledge on medicinal and aromatic plant,
*Family volunteering,
*Women's empowerment,
*Eco-Agriculture Conservation,
*Eco-construction in remote village of Nepal

In addition, to getting an opportunity to serve communities in desperately need our volunteers will get following benefits:

-Immersing oneself in a diverse Nepalese culture,
-Visit great historical sites (several UNESCO world heritage sites),
-Enjoy tranquility of nature in the hills and Himalaya,
-Create immeasurable difference and impact,
-Enrich your CV,
-Learn new things,
-Create international network,
-Gain new practical experience,
-Gain in-depth field training,
-Access to quality mentorship and evaluation on a self-directed project,
-Quality leadership skills,
-Interpersonal skills including teamwork and collaboration

Volunteers for the program must:
-Be 18 years or older
-Have no major health problems
-Be eligible to obtain a tourist visa to Nepal
-Flexible, Committed and adjustable

Volunteers are accepted all year round. Volunteers are expected to have a working knowledge of English language.

volunteers are accepted all year round

2 weeks


We usually provide accommodation in local villages. Another form of accommodations (like hotels, cheap guest house etc.) can also be arranged which depends upon the needs of volunteers.

starts at $ 100 / weeks


Logo and Graphic Design
Editing Work
Grant Writing

We are looking for online volunteers who can further improve our website. We also seek volunteers for editing content of our web page. Volunteers having skills on grant writing and fundraising can apply for grant writing and fundraising.

The Ecoreach Foundation is a non-governmental and non-profit organization aiming for sustainable development and conservation of natural resources. It is registered with the District Office in Kathmandu as well as with the Social Welfare Council (SWC) of Nepal. The main aim of this organization is to operate in developing countries with networking with like-minded people, activists, and volunteers. The main scope of the ecoreach foundation are:
# Conservation of natural resources
# Disaster risk management
# Promotion of alternative energy
# Promotion of agroforestry, biochar and ecological methods for carbon sequestration
# Promotion of organic farming
# Mitigation of climate change impacts in farming level
# Promotion of volunteering in the nature conservation
# Promotion of development of Eco-tourism and green village
# Conservation of land and water resources and its biodiversity
# Research, publication, and mobilization in the field of Nature

10 to 20 people



Siddartha Marg, Kathmandu, Nepal.


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