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The Ecuador Tierra Viva Foundation is a non-profit charity organization, based in Ecuador. Our mission is to improve the quality of life of the Ecuador’s neediest communities through provision or improvement of water, health and education services.

ETV has been working with schools in Ecuador since 2010 through the Book Bus project . For 2017 start with our new project named "Casa Buho". We are looking for Spanish speaking volunteers to support our Machalilla project as reading mentors throughout the year. Our reading scheme compliments the children's school curriculum and emphasises themes that will impact on their lives as they grow up. Mentoring the children to read will encourage them to progress beyond the words and numbers of the classroom and use books to develop their creativity, explore their surroundings and widen their view of the world. Project placements start and finish on a Saturday with a minimum project commitment of 4 weeks. The longer you can commit, the greater the benefit for the children we support and the more you will get out of your Casa Buho experience.

Project aims and objectives for Puerto Lopez in 2017
Casa Búho aims to improve the reading and literacy skills of children in the project area by providing free and regular access to enjoyable and challenging books. The Project is active year round.

1. Activities
• Casa Búho currently leads 4 programs for promoting reading:

1. “Mi tarde de Lectura” (My Reading Afternoon). We work with a group of schools in Machalilla and the sessions are designed for children of elementary school. Age ranges are between 6 and 12. This program is available to children after school with reading aloud being the soul of this initiative. We believe, and are based on several different studies, that reading to children creates bonds and builds bridges that allow them to develop their literary taste and love for books. We are responsible for generating this encounter between children and books.

2. “Bebés Búhos” (Baby Owls). We work with babies of an age range 6 months to 2 years. As earlier a person is exposed to books, better chances he/she has to become a good reader in the future. In parallel, we work with the child’s mother or legal guardian. This allows us to do a more complete work making the child’s development at home easier.

3. “Súper Lectores” (Super Readers). As part of this program Casa Búho lends books to children to be taken home and read. Join our “ideas exchange” between the reading promoter and the children where the main topics which the child enjoyed will be discussed.

4. “English for Kids”. We believe that Machalilla is a developing touristic town and it can benefit greatly having English speakers to help tourists in their pass through this wonderful place.

5. “Our future dream” will be sharing with you shortly!

2. Casa Buho Staff
• Project Director
Our project Directors are educated, trained and experienced in their roles. They ensure that the children receive maximum benefit from the programmes and that all staff and volunteer participation is a fulfilling and enjoyable experience.

• Volunteers (local and international)
We invite volunteers to help as reading mentors at all the activities outlined above. Reading mentors inspire the children to read and help them overcome any reading and/or writing difficulties they have during the activity. Volunteers must have a minimum Basic level of Spanish with the confidence to speak in public.

3. Project resources
- Project HQ in Machalilla
- Project Director
- Books and Materials
- Volunteer accommodation at the Casa de Voluntarios
- Support from Quito

Our Activities

What We Need

How the Volunteer programme works:

- Volunteer profile
Volunteers must have at least a confident level of Basic Spanish to join the project, the project offers a valuable opportunity to strengthen your language skills. Volunteers will have the desire to work with children to improve their reading and writing skills.

- Volunteer activities

If the volunteer possesses any formal studies in education, pedagogy, child psychology, or any other area related to children, the experience at Casa Búho will fit perfectly as you will be able to apply their specific knowledge to any of the programs we run and help us make them better.

- Volunteer support
Volunteers receive a formal project induction on arrival and work under the supervision of our project director. The project provides support at local level in the event of minor illness or accident. All volunteers must hold travel and health insurance to cover serious illness or accidents.

- The project is available year round.
- Volunteers can join any Saturday, all projects start with an induction on Sunday afternoon
Minimum stay is 1 month

What We Provide


- Volunteer accommodation
Accommodation is provided at the Casa de Voluntarios in Puerto Lopez. There are 4 double rooms with shared bathrooms, a communal kitchen and dining area and a garden where you can relax. The house is situated in a quiet part of town and is less than 10 minutes walk from the beach.

- Eating in Puerto Lopez
The House has a well-equipped kitchen and self-catering is a popular option for our volunteers. It's cheap and fun to buy food locally and cook together as a group. Fresh food is available from the produce market and there's a well stocked supermarket in town. Fresh fish is the local specialty! For those who like to eat out there are many choices of eateries in town from simple meals in the market to more upmarket restaurants for when you want to treat yourself.

Program includes
Local project coordinator
Project Orientation
Project transport
Book Bus T shirt
Hot water
Shared twin room
Shared bathrooms
Shared kitchen

Not included in the program
Transport to Puerto Lopez
Visa is required for more than 3 months
Tourist activities

Important Info

Suitable For


Minimum Stay

Any period of time

Staff Size

5 to 10 people


The project has not any fee. However there is a cost to cover your accommodation that is $600 per month ($20 per day)

Watch Us


Your Contact Person

Paulina Vivanco
Panamericana Norte Km 7 1/2, Jardines de Carcelen. Calle Arupo A43. Quito - Ecuador - South America, Quito, Ecuador.
33% response rate , 9 hour(s) response time.

Other Information

We suggest you bring
Cell phone with Ecuador network chip

Book Donations: many volunteers like to donate books and materials to the project.
If you would like to provide children’s picture books (in Spanish only please) you can purchase them in Quito’s book shops such as Liberia Espanola and Libri Mundi.

Our Wish List

With your help The Book Bus can provide 1,000’s of Ecuadorian children with the books and resources that will make their dreams of a good education come true!

Teaching Materials:
120 sheets of cardboard
20 reams of paper
30 boxes of crayons
20 boxes of markers
Books. Please see the list below
2 liters of blue paint
2 liters of yellow Paint
2 liters of red Paint
2 liters of white Paint
2 liters of black paint
50 brushes of different sizes
HB 200 pencils
100 eraser
1 Erasable whiteboard
10 erasable markers of different colors
40 meters black elastic rope (black bungee cord)


AUTHOR: Roald Dahl:
Los gremlins (1943)
James y el melocotón gigante (1961).
Charlie y la fábrica de chocolate (1964).
El dedo mágico (1966).
El Súperzorro (1970).
Charlie y el gran ascensor de cristal (Charlie and the great glass elevator, 1973). Secuela de Charlie y la fábrica de chocolate.
Danny el campeón del mundo (Danny the champion of the world, 1975).
El enorme cocodrilo (The enormous crocodile, 1978).
Los Cretinos (The Twits, 1980).
La maravillosa medicina de Jorge (George's marvelous medicine, 1981).
El gran gigante bonachón (The BFG, 1982).
Las Brujas (The witches, 1983).
La jirafa, el pelícano y el mono (The giraffe and the pelly and me, 1985).
Matilda (Matilda, 1988).
Agu Trot (Esio Trot, 1990).
Los Minpins (The Minpins, 1991) (Obra Póstuma).
El vicario que hablaba al revés (The Vicar off Nibbleswicke, 1991) (Obra Póstuma).

AUTHOR: Jeram, Anita
Inés del revés
Adivina cuánto te quiero
Billy's Belly Bottom
Kids good night

AUTHOR: Julia Donaldson
EL Grufalo

AUTHOR: Rosa Navarro
El Quijote Contado A los Ninos
El Lazarillo Contado A los Ninos
El Cid Contado a Los Ninos

AUTHOR: Enrique R. Lamadrid
Amadito and the Hero Children
The First Tortilla: A Bilingual Story
Juan the Bear and the Water of Life: La Acequia De Juan Del Oso
La Musica de Los Viejitos: Hispano Folk Music of the Rio Grande del Norte

AUTHOR: Joyce Meyer
El Campo de Batalla de la Mente Para Ninos

AUTHOR: Katy Towell
El Carrusel de Las Sombras y Los Ninos Espantosos

AUTHOR: Marge Eaton Heegaard
Cuando Alguien Muy Especial Muere

AUTHOR: Eric Carle
Oso Pardo, Oso Pardo, Que Ves Ahi
Eric Carle's ABC
El Canguro Tiene Mama? = Does a Kangaroo Have a Mother, Too?
Donde Esta Spot?
Oso Polar, Oso Polar, Que Es Ese Ruido? = Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?

AUTHOR: Crockett Johnson
Harold's Trip to the Sky
La Semilla de Zanahoria
The Little Fish That Got Away

AUTHOR: Teresa Mlawer
Olivia Forma una Banda = Olivia Forms a Band
Olivia... y el Juguete Desaparecido = Olivia... and the Missing Toy
Bizcocho = Biscuit
Su Propio Color
If You Give a Pig a Pancake (Spanish Edition): Si Le Das Un Panqueque a Una Cerdita
Que Nervios!: El Primer Dia de Escuela
Prudencia Se Preocupa = Wemberly Worried

AUTHOR: Alejandro Dumas
La sirena del rin
El silbato encantado

AUTHOR: Los Hermanos Grimm
Los dos hermanitos
El músico prodigioso
La pastora de gansos
La Luna
El borriquillo
Cuentos del sapo
El buho
El clavel
El corderito y el pececillo
El cuento de las mentiras
El cuervo
El destripaterrones
El doctor sabelotodo
El Enebro
El erizo y el esposo de la liebre
El viejo sultan
Enrique el holgazan
El zagalillo
Hermanito y hermanita
La bota de piel de bufalo
La doncela Maleen
Las tres ramas verdes
Las habichuelas magicas
Las tres lenguas
Las tres hilanderas
Las tres lenguas
Las tres plumas
La mujer del pescador
El lobo y el hombre
Las tres princesas negras
La vara de avellano
La viejecita
La viga
La zorra y el caballo
La zanahoria
Los cuatro hermanos ingeniosos
Los desiguales hijos de Eva
Los doce cazadores
Los dos caminantes
Los dos principes
Los seis cisnes
Los tres cirujanos
Los tres enanitos del bosque
Los tres favoritos de la fortuna
Los tres haraganes
Los tres operarios
Los tres pajaritos
Los tres pelos de oro del diablo
Una muchacha hacendosa
Un cuento enigmatico
Un buen negocio
Un ojito dos ojitos tres ojitos
La oca de oroRapunzel
El flautista de Hamelin
Bestia peluda
El agua de la vida
El amadisimo Rolando
El lobo y las 7 cabritas
El pescador y su mujer
El sastrecillo valiente
El zorro y su comadre
Juan sin miedo
La alondra
La campesina prudente
La bola de cristal
La estufa de hierro
La doncella sin manos
La estufa de hierro
Los doce hermanos
Los duendes y el zapatero
Los musicos de Bremen
Los siete cabritos y el lobo
La señora True
El traje del emperador
El Rey rana
El hueso cantante

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