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Edu Child Foundation Uganda

Nebbi, Uganda, Africa
Edu Child Foundation Uganda is a registered nonprofit in Uganda modeling holistic approaches in creating all-inclusive and transformed Ugandan communities where children, women, and youth are empowered to live to their fullest God-given potentials. Founded in 2014 as CBO, the nonprofit was later fully incorporated with the Central Government (NGO Bureau) in 2017 (Reg. Number: INDR13499238NB). Historically, our program areas have been in the provision of education sponsorship opportunities for the street and vulnerable children, advocacy for gender equality, and micro-enterprise development for vulnerable groups. However, over the years, our programs are expanding to include community health and HIV/AIDS, WASH, and climate change adaptation, among others. Our main office is based in the heart of Nebbi Municipal Council in Nebbi District (North-Western Uganda) and serves the communities of Goli, Jupangira, Ayomo, and Pawong Parishes. Whereas in Kampala, our satellite office is located on Plot 37, John Babiiha (Acacia) Avenue in Kololo.