Educar y Crecer

Buenos Aires, Argentina, South America
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Educar y Crecer (EyC) designs, implements and evaluates high quality educational programs for children living in vulnerable contexts, to enhance performance in math and reading.

Volunteering Activities


What We Need

• Teachers in reading and math to assist teachers at educational center run by EyC. They must be fluent in Spanish
• Translation of documents (Spanish to English) with communicational purposes (webpage, fundraising brochures, etc)
• Fund-raisers to develop fund-raising strategy and activities in Argentina and abroad.

When & Who

• Teachers: March-December
• Translators: anytime
• Fundraisers: anytime
Short term volunteers - 3 months Long term volunteers - 10 months


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Contact Person

Amit Wior
Soler 5702 3G (1425), Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Additional Info about Us

Up to 5 people

Send CV and presentation letter to us. The application process will take 2 weeks. It will include a video interview.

EyC’s programs have five basic components:
i) learning standards that specify what primary-aged children should learn in reading and math;
ii) specially-designed workbooks that are aligned with those standards that guide instruction;
iii) standardized tests in reading and math that are aligned with the learning standards and workbooks, and help quantify achieved progress;
iv) instructors who are trained in multi-grade teaching, supported by a team of volunteers;
v) open-source games in reading and math to enhance motivantion and achievement.

In 2008, EyC opened its first Student Learning Center (SLC) in José León Suárez, Province of Buenos Aires, for children living in Villa La Cárcova, where programs are implemented and tested.
High demand for quality educational programs has turned EyC into a social franchise, as we provide materials and support to other government and non-government organizations to run our programs.
Since 2008, more than 10.000 students have benefited from EyC’s programs, run in more than different 40 educational organizations.