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Empathy Uganda

we are non governmental organisation in luweero majory dealing with women and youth in skills development, sanitation and hygiene, food security and maternal health

Women Development

training women in micro-financing, outreach in community health ,skill development, weaving and crafts

as soon as possible

3 months


the volunteer cooks for her self and we provide the meals according to her choice, it the responsibility of the director to ensure free transport to the field,housing will be provided in a secure environment and volunteer will stay with other staff in the same house but different appartment


non governmental organization giving skills to youth, promoting maternal health, promoting sanitation and hygiene among school girls, teaching women skills too

5 to 10 people

p.o.box 203 wobulenzi, KAMPALA,WOBULENZI, Uganda.

we are looking forward to receiving this volunteer help us build a women bank in the rural settings.work with youth in skills development project or do counselling to women abused due to domestic violence or look for birth partners for women at the birth centre.any of the mentioned

volunteer comes as soon as possible


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