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Enaya Development Foundation

Legal Registration Number: 24
Enaya Development Foundation is a non-profit, non-governmental ,civil development organization which is established under the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor permit’s number (24) and date: 07/29/2015. It works to improve health and educational situation and to protect vulnerable groups of women, children and those with special needs by providing them with health and psychological care and legal counseling in cooperation with all relevant ministries and institutions. It was founded in the light of crisis and deterioration of humanitarian situation in Yemen. We have collected intellectual leaders to come up with an organization offering high quality services which have a permanent impact.

Human Rights
Women Development

Who we are:
A charitable development foundation which works to help and protect victims of violence, especially women, children and those with special needs, provides them with health and psychological care and legal counseling , provides all their needs of houses, food, drink and clothes in cooperation with all concerned and relevant ministries and institutions ,and finds highly qualified staff who work to train and qualify them to help them to reintegrate into society to achieve the principle of family reconciliation and to consolidate the concepts of coexistence and interdependence between members of the same society
We aspire to improve the level of health in community, provide health and educational aid to poor families, seek to build a society free of gender discrimination, and activate its role to be capable to raise the country towards development.
Its mission is to consolidate the principle of social justice, empower community in all fields of development, work to raise health and cultural awareness through training and rehabilitating young people, give women opportunity to participate actively in all fields of development, and consolidate sustainable development.

Up to 5 people

Floor No.5, in front of Al-fardos Mosque, Residential City, Sheraton, Sana, Sana, Yemen.

: +967774102060

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