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ETIV do Brasil

Itacaré, Brazil, South America
ETIV do Brasil links international volunteers with local communities to support environmental conservation, youth development, women's empowerment and community development.

Women Development

We offer over 15 Volunteer Positions at ETIV do Brasil including:

Youth Development
Teaching English
Environmental Conservation
Marketing & Recruitment
NGO Admin & Office Support
Construction & Landscaping
Community Organizing
Website Development
Women's Empowerment

In these positions volunteers will be given the opportunity to get involved with the local community and have a profound effect on the work of the NGO in their particular field. Volunteers will receive support from the Director or an ETIV staff member, although we are looking for volunteers that are motivated self starters who will create their own goals and action steps, and who will not need to be micro-managed. These positions will also require some office work and participation in our weekly meetings – where we present, share and discuss new ideas and progress within each project.

We greatly appreciate volunteers that speak Portuguese, however this is not a mandatory requirement.

year around

1 month minimum


You do have the option of living in the volunteer house for an additional fee. However, our rent is very affordable, beginning at $192 a month for a small private room with shared bathroom and this includes all bills, wifi, drinking water and toilet paper.

Volunteer contribution costs per month are:
1 month $275
2 months $233
3 months $198
4 months $168
5 months $143
6 months $121

With this contribution you will receive:

- Pre-departure orientation and preparation
- Induction and tour of Itacaré
- Introduction to your project
- Strategy meeting to help you plan and achieve your top goals during your time with us
- Ongoing supervision and support
- 24-hour emergency support
- Life Insurance Coverage

There is also an added cost if you wish to:

- Live in the volunteer house
- Receive Portuguese or Capoeira classes
- Have us organize your taxi pickup from Ilheus airport

Individuals, Groups

Create/Update our Website
Document Translation
Legal Consulting
Grant Writing

ETIV do Brasil gives international volunteers the chance to gain hands on experience working with an international development NGO while also exploring beautiful Itacaré; where the tropical rainforest (Mata Atlántica) meets the Atlantic Ocean and beautiful jungles, beaches, waterfalls, coconut trees and wildlife abound.

Our Local Projects Include:

- Teaching English
- Literature Club for Girls
- Environmental Conservation
- Mangrove Restoration
- Youth Development
- Women's Empowerment
- Community Organizing

Plus, we offer many volunteer and internship opportunities supporting the NGO with positions in:

- NGO administration
- Marketing and Recruitment
- Volunteer Coordination
- Fundraising and Grant Writing
- Accounting and Finance
- Website development
- Communications and Social Media
- General Office Support
- Construction, Painting and Gardening

Volunteers work directly with ETIV and our local communities to support projects that nurture positive social and community development. Why just travel, when you can volunteer for a meaningful cause and live in beautiful Itacare, Bahia, Brazil?

5 to 10 people

Rua Massaranduba No. 26, Bairro Passagem, Itacaré, Bahia, 45530-000, Itacaré, Brazil.

The name “ETIV do Brasil” stands for Eco-Tourism and International Volunteering of Brazil. We are also a part of a “Community Based Tourism” Network (CBT or TBC in Portuguese) that actively works to bring more positive tourism into the region. Here in Itacare, we do have a strong influx of tourism during high season that revolves around a deep “party culture” that has lead to a significant increase in drug trafficking, gangs and violence here. Many young teens and adults involved in gangs and trafficking are killed every year as opposing gangs from different neighborhoods compete with each other for power, money and resources. This is one reason why ETIV and the CBT network is actively building a new type of tourism in our communities that is focused on positively supporting our communities and the incredible natural environment we are so privileged to enjoy here.

The acronym “ETIV” sounds much like “achieve” when spoken in Portuguese. The ETIV volunteer house and office began operations in October of 2015, although we did not receive our legal Brazilian NGO status until May of 2016. ETIV is a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) and Non-Profit that is officially registered in Brazil as a legal Association (CNJP 24.835.491/0001-59).

Any craft materials e.g. colored construction paper, pens, pencils, markers, crayons, acryl and water based paints, brushes, pipe cleaners
Text books for teaching English (basic level) or English picture books for small children and Portuguese Books (all levels) for our Literature Club or other English teaching materials e.g. flashcards, games, easy puzzle and memory games,
Also, board games, legos and outdoor games (balls, frisbees, etc.)
Also, if you could find someone willing to donate a used laptop, camera & projector that would be amazing!

CNJP 24.835.491/0001-59

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