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We are an enterprise aimed at providing education and career opportunities to the inhabitants of remote villages around the world through social tourism.

Volunteering Activities

Women Empowerment
Social Work

What We Need

We are desperately trying to find volunteers to help us with our project.
We help local schools, often in poor communities, teach English and sustainability to their students. What we need is people with a good grasp of English to help one school in Kabul, Lombok, next to the airport and the local schools of Kertasari, West Sumbawa.

When & Who

1 week

What we Provide

In Lombok, the headmaster of the school has recently made an urgent request for native speakers to come over for a couple of hours a day to help his teachers, as the kids are struggling to progress in their learning. We are sorting out accommodation with local families, otherwise there is a huge hotel not very far away, called D'max, of very good standard and affordable prices (about 20/30 USD per night). Ahmad Zainul, the headmaster, has made this request personnaly, and we are struggling to find volunteers willing to help his school.

In Sumbawa, what we offer is quite different. In exchange for being willing to teach 2 to 3 hours a day in the local schools of Kertasari, we offer our volunteers free accommodation at a campsite located on one of the most beautiful and untouched beaches in Indonesia. Cooking and sleeping gear is provided at no cost, so all you would need to bring with you are the clothes on your back and your surfboards if you don't want to use ours! Surf of international standard and clear, blue water. The water is much warmer than in Bali, and we also offer all of our volunteers free snorkelling gear, spearfishing gear, and even surfboards.

Our Fees

As we are trying to give jobs to the locals we work with, each group of 2 volunteers need to employ one of our surf guides, which costs 500k IDR per week. The guides pocket the full payment. Apart from this cost, volunteers will be in charge of their own food and water, but everything needed is bought locally, with the guides showing volunteers where good shops are etc. The guides do everything for our volunteers; drive them around, show them where everything is that is needed, show them where the best breaks are to surf and snorkel, do supply runs, take volunteers to schools and back, translate when needed; it's their full time job to support our guys and girls on the ground.
By partaking in this project, you would not only be helping educate the poor kids in these communities. You would help a few guys and their families by giving them the opportunity to work and earn a decent wage.

Contact Person

Khalil Rhazaoui
Unnamed Rd, Nusa Tenggara Bar., Labuan Kertasari, Taliwang, Kabupaten Sumbawa Barat, Nusa Tenggara Bar., Kertasari, Indonesia.

Other Ways to Help

We are trying to pool together enough books and stationary for a new library in the village of Tuananga. If you have some school stuff you are not using anymore, and we mean ANY stationary or books, please consider sending them to us for use in our schools. The kids we work with have nothing at all...

Drop off address:
Dr Khalil Rhazaoui
27, Old Gloucester Street
WC1N 3AX London, United Kingdom

Additional Info about Us

Up to 5 people

My name is Khalil and I am the founder of Fair Nomad project.
I was born in New-York and lived in Guinea, Niger, Cameroon, Senegal and Morocco because of my father’s position in the United Nations (UN Development Program) and his assignment to those countries. Having grown up around very poor and deprived communities, I have become very sensitive to their problems and needs. What struck me most was the lack of essential resources and skills needed to enable them to meet their basic needs and become self-sufficient in a way that would not harm the environment.

In light of that realization, I decided to dedicate myself to help solve such problems and provide the means and the training needed by such isolated and poor communities. My ambition is to help tackle the 2050 challenge and help improve the education infrastructure of developing countries, as well as increase the number of educators around the world.

After being awarded a French Scientific Baccalaureate with honours in Senegal, I moved to Ifrane, Morocco where I spent a gap year at Al-Akhawayn University.I then moved to Nottingham where I was admitted to study Mechanical Engineering and obtained a BEng with honors. After my second year, I was awarded a research position over the summers of 2008 and then again in 2009, giving me a valuable insight into advanced research methodologies and techniques as well as the drive to pursue my studies to a research level. In 2011 I completed an MSc from the Imperial College of Science in Advanced Mechanical Engineering with Honors, followed by a PhD in electrochemistry and computer modeling.

Following a brief tour in the US Air Force, I came back to London to focus on my teaching career and in 2015 launched Mansart Education Ltd, an educational consultancy and tutoring company, and in 2016 Fair Nomad, a social tourism enterprise.


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