Fair Planet

Butajira/Dire Dawa/Haramaya/Harar, Ethiopia, Africa
Fair Planet is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to increase food security and provide new economic opportunities for the millions stuck in poverty.

Volunteering Activities

Agriculture Work

What We Need

Agriculture expirienced or passionate people (plant protection, irrigation, crop management)

Trainers (basic training of local farmers)

When & Who

Yes, we require a minimum of 3 Months

What we Provide


We cover all local expenses – meals, accommodations, local travel, communication, etc.


Our Fees

No fees

There are no volunteer fees.

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No reviews yet.

Contact Person

unspecified, Butajira/Dire Dawa/Haramaya/Harar, Ethiopia.
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Additional Info about Us

Up to 5 people

Fair planet may reimburse part of the airfare costs for volunteers who successfully completed their term.

Process will take several weeks and will include:
Filling out the application form
Initial interview with our volunteering coordinator (Face to Face or video call)
Follow-up interview and personal assessment by our HR consultant.
Two days orientation seminar.

Fair Planet is engaged in a unique and long-term technology transfer process: On the one hand, we are facilitating access of smallholder farmers to seed of the highest-quality vegetable varieties suitable for their needs. On the other hand, and at the same time, we are training the farmers to use these seeds with minimal changes to their traditional production practices. Trained farmers will gain the opportunity to grow and sell significant crop yields and will benefit from economic growth. Fair Planet's operation model in Ethiopia aims to reach more than 50,000 rural households, thus helping over 360,000 people to leave the poverty cycle.