Volunteer with Faith Victory Centre

Faith Victory Centre

Nairobi, Kenya, Africa

Faith victory chapel is a community church involved in community development and overall education support for the needy in the community we serve.
We do not discriminate on the basis of beliefs and individualization.

What We Need

program fundraising , development, proposal development ,teaching ,community visitations and any other job available and need attention.

When & Who

any time and all the times.
30 days.

What we Provide

internet service ,transport,food ,accommodation and cultural , activities and language translation when applicable.

Our Fees


$300 per week and this will cover accommodation,meals,local transport and internet service and the volunteers should feel free to discuss anything with me in the project.
our project will organize for a community hostel which is closer to the project.
work to be done include fundraising,web development,community visitations,talking to women and youth & constructing the community resource center in our program.

Contact Person

P O BOX 415-00517 UHURU GARDENS NAIROBI., Nairobi, Kenya.

Other Ways to Help

Logo and Graphic Design
Create/Update our Website
Grant Writing

fundraising ,marketing and web work for the organization. help us editing of photos.

We need cloths and t-shirts ,dry food and cash donations if possible.

Additional Info about Us

5 to 10 people

we really need volunteers to help our project develop and provide services.

Apart from spiritual development, our community church is carrying out community empowerment activities with the youth, children and women in our community church.
We have a temporary structure where we worship and in some days its acts as a rescue school for the needy.
we have between 50 -100 women in our community empowerment program and in addition to this we have 10 volunteers who are working with schools and community youth groups to educate the community on drugs ,HIV aids and violence against women.
We also address child protection matters in our community.
Our major challenge is lack of resource to sup[port our community development programs.
We have 10 vulnerable children who are very needy and in need of school fees, food and medication.


What are you waiting for?

We at Faith Victory Centre would love to hear from you!