Fede cristiana fidenza odv ets

Fidenza, Italy, Europe
international cooperation in avory coast with anti-occupation projects

Volunteering Activities

Social Work

What We Need

Explain the volunteer work you need to raise funds for our projects to promote our site

When & Who

Yes, we require a minimum of 10 Months

Our Fees

$10 daily

Describe the fees and what they are for

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Contact Person

guei leocadie
Via Piave 19, Fidenza, Italy.

Other Ways to Help

hospital equipment for the health centre project
material for the social furnace project

Additional Info about Us

5 to 10 people

they always come to download the material and put it on the shelves so it's ready for distribution to families.

The association Fede Cristiana Fidenza is a non-profit voluntary association, founded in Fidenza by the shepherds Jacques Fiemahe and Leocadie Guei,
the association operates both at local level by supporting families in difficulty
in the province of Parma affected by the financial crisis with many problems
economic, both in the context of international cooperation bringing
development projects FIGHT TO EMPLOYMENT for the resolution of health problems in the city of Gabia (Ivory Coast) and in 10 villages in the province of Oumé, Duekoue, Bassam and Seambly, in Mali in the city.
Yélékébougou, in Togo in refugee camps The association has been following some thirty families from Togo in recent years.
area of Fidenza in difficult economic conditions both Christian and
Muslims and supports them through food donation
found by the association Azione Solidale di Calerno (RE) and some companies of the national territory clothing, furniture
With these families, through these support actions, were born
positive and trusting personal relationships and relationships
The voluntary association "Fede Cristiana Fidenza", is apolitical, non-profit and operates exclusively for the purposes of solidarity and social and spiritual promotion on the basis of Christian evangelical teachings.