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Santa Elena, Ecuador, South America
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Marine Mammals Volunteering in Ecuador!

We are an Ecuadorian private, non-government and non-profit organization, we have been working on research and conservation of Marine Mammals for 30 years with the support of volunteers and recently carrying out projects with marine-coastal protected areas to preserve them in a better way.

Volunteering Activities

Animal Care
Conservation Work
Web Work

What We Need

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1. Internship volunteering: minimum 1 month, it includes accommodation and two meals with a 50 USD daily fee (more information on the sections below). Research field trips included.

2. Online volunteering: minimum 1 month with the conditions specified in the online volunteering section. It is not on-site. Personal internet services needed.

We need volunteers to help us to support projects and activities related to marine mammals and marine coastal protected areas. The main areas of work are: research, conservation, sustainable management, environmental education, responsible scientific tourism and environmental management policies. Besides, we expect that volunteers could be involved in work positions related to multitask activities mainly and conservation, education, administrative, social media/web, fundraising work, graphic design, community manager and other activities.

The research work at the field is taking biological and ecological data, photo-identification studies, geographical positioning, oceanographic parameters, evaluation of abundance and group size, estimation of population, feeding behavior and evaluation of anthropogenic impacts, mainly related with tourism and traffic activities.

The research office work includes different activities as identification of individuals (dorsal fins in dolphins and flukes in whales), downloading and cutting pics, organizing and transferring information, data tabulation, mapping, comparison of photo-identified individuals, elaboration of tables of captures and recaptures, data processing with Darwin software, among others.

1.- General requirements for internship volunteering program

A.- Mandatory/ Essential

• A1. Ages between 18-45 years old, exceptionally outstanding seniors or teenagers with strong background and authorization letter signed by their parents. Each case will be analyzed on personal and conditional basis.

• A2. University student / professional in biology, environmental, Biodiversity, zoology, tourism, geography, administration, marketing, Data analysis (including related careers) or previous experience in volunteering with marine mammals or related topics.

• A3. Love specially for nature, Biodiversity, protected areas and environment and special love for Marine Mammals.

• A4. Capacity to work alone/team with long and flexible periods of time.

• A5. Capacity to follow orders

• A6. Excellent communicational skills.

• A7. Excellent personal attitude and tolerance to work and deal with different kind of people.

• A8. Capacity to work in field / office activities.

• A9. Adaptation to live in shared/ multicultural conditions.

• A10. Absolute respect and care for institutional administrative proceedings, internal rules, and all volunteers/members of FEMM.

• A11. Absolute respect and care for institutional accommodations, furniture and equipment.

• A12. Bring your Own laptop to office work.

• A13. English or Spanish spoken.

• A14. Minimum 3 weeks of work at the internship volunteering program.

• A15. Variable time depending of work at the online volunteering program.

• A16. Meet the visa requirements (tourism visa is good enough for volunteers that will stay between 3 and 6 months).

• A17. International Medical/life insurance that covers you on volunteering time.

B.- Desirable/Preferable

• B1. Bring your own Professional camera or video camera to field work.

• B2. Availability to learn/teach/train in specific activities.

• B3. Strong spoken/ written communication skills.

• B4. Knowledge of handle GPS, Professional cameras, Statistics, photo-identification, GIS software,/ videocameras, dron pilot, among others.

• B5. Special/specific capabilities, studies, experience or background to support our work, activities, projects or specific positions.

2.-Special/specific requirements for free volunteering programs

. C1. To meet general requirements for volunteering programs

. C2. Minimum of six-month work at the free program or time agreement with special conditions agreed with institution.

. C3. Special capabilities/expertise required for foundation (fundraisers, community manager, management planning, project designer, video maker, youtuber, web/graphic designer, drone photographer, statistics specialist etc.).

.C4. For the free volunteering with special arrangements: the time and conditions will be agreed between the foundation and the volunteer.

.C5. Experience with methods and techniques of research on marine mammals.

.C6. Experience in administrative work, and social media & online business knowledge.

• C7. Previous volunteering experience with marine mammals.

• C8. Multipurpose or specific office/field work abilities.

• C9. A donation of 175 USD/EUR in cash or 350 USD/EUR in new equipment as minimum payable at the beginning of internship.

• C10. International Medical/life insurance that covers your volunteering time.

• C11. To meet specific Visa requirements: volunteering visa or temporal resident visa is required only after 6 months. If the volunteer will stay less than 6 months with the tourist visa it's enough. If necessary, FEMM Ecuador will give you a cover letter to help in the process.

To apply for free volunteering options contact us directly to our social media. fan pages to get conditions and requirements you need to meet. The selection process for this program is very competitive with case by case base analysis


When & Who

We need volunteers during whole the year. We have office work all the time (photo/data processing & analyzing, administration, tourism, social media, fundraising activities, among others). We have two main projects; the bottlenose dolphin program has field/office work during the whole year and the humpback whale program has field work between June and September season and the processing data is carried out during the rest of the year. Selection of the program will be done on interest, availability and meeting conditions basis.
Yes, we require a minimum of 3 Weeks
1. Internship volunteering program 3 weeks as minimum. 2. Online volunteering the minimum depends of the task. It is agreed with the institution,
Individuals, Groups

What we Provide

Types: Homestay, Volunteer House

It is a big house. There are two rooms for the volunteers with shared bedroom and shared bathroom.

1. The internship volunteering includes accommodation.

Types: Variety

1. The internship volunteering includes pne meal per day: breakfast or dinner with previous agreement during working days.

The meals on the days off or out of office covered by volunteers during theirs trip/visits/personal activities anywhere.

4. The online volunteering meals are not aplicable.

Wifi & Satellite
First Aid
Purified Drinking Water

Our Fees

$50 daily

Daily fee (internship volunteering) is 50 USD per day. The total fee depends of the chosen time (at leas 3 weeks) and it is payable at the end of the applying process (approval needed). The total amount per month is 1500 USD.

The fee doesn't include the Givingway 8,7% commission rechargeable to this amount.

Fees are non refundable. The daily fee is used to cover the meal and accommodation expenses of the volunteers and part of the field trips expenses with bottlenose dolphins or humpback whales research projects.

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More Services we Offer

May have additional fees
Pretrip Assistance
Pick Up/Drop Off
Social Activities

Fees don't include the flight tickets, transport, medical/international insurance, personal expenses, days off activities costs and any other that we don't mention.

Additional services have their own cost, so volunteer need to ask for information and prices, the activity have to be paid and reserved at least 3 days before needed

Contact Person

Pedro José Jiménez
Valdivia s/n y Felix Sarmiento, Santa Elena, Santa Elena, Ecuador., Santa Elena, Ecuador.
100% response rate , 30 hour(s) response time.

Other Ways to Help

Private Scientific tour with bottlenose dolphin ( 1 person priced basis that can be divided into the number of persons that wants to make the activity at the same time))

The person will be part of the research team on the activities at the field.

The research work at the field is taking biological and ecological data, photo-identification studies, geographical positioning, oceanographic parameters, evaluation of abundance and group size, estimation of population, feeding behavior and evaluation of anthropogenic impacts, mainly related with tourism and traffic activities.



1.- Canon/Nikon DSLR-Reflex professional cameras with telephoto lenses (18-132 mm,55-250mm, 70-300mm, 75-300mm. 100-400mm, 100-500 mm

2.-Sports and action cameras (Sjcam, Gopro, Xiaomi)

3.- Sports and action camera batteries

4.- GPS Garmin (portable and water resistant) with software maps of Ecuador


6.- Binoculars HD 10x42 mm and 10x50mm, waterproof and fog-proof with cases and clean accessories

7.- Night vision binoculars

8.- range finder binoculars

9.- Laptops with 8-16 GB of RAM memory, 1-3 terabyte Hard disk, touchscreen 15´´, intel core I-5 OR I-7 with 2.8 GHZ or more, Bluetooth, HDMI, DVD-ROM

10.- Portable external hard disk 3-5 terabytes of storage, 3.0 USB

11.- drones with hub of batteries with good video camera HD, go pro camera and GPS incorporated, these brands and models

12.- Video camera Sony with a good zoom and durable batteries

13.- wildlife telescope

14.- salinity-termo-PH-meter

15.- Hydrophones with all accessories (cage, recording machine, connector, cables

16.- Portable Underwater Sound Recording Systems, Sound Technology's ST1400ENV mobile data recorder and sound level meter with integrated monitor) to work with dolphins and whales

17.- Geiger counter

18.- necropsy-biopsy-stranding kit for marine mammals

19.- Multi-Function Printer (Epson ecotank)

20.- Snorkeling Equipment (mask, snorkel and fins

21.- Diving equipment

22.-Life jackets (all size, S, M, L, XL, XXL)

23. Working clothes (S, M, L, XL Size)

24.- Camping equipment

25.- Batteries and chargers

26.- Digital projector

27.- Backpacks


Additional Info about Us

Up to 5 people

we have two research programs, from July through September we work with Humpacks whales and give priority to that field work with them , and during the whole year, we share the field work with bottlenose dolphins.

Our Mission is to promote and carry out the scientific research; environmental education; sustainable management; responsible scientific tourism and conservation of the marine mammals species, endangered biodiversity, the fragile land and coastal-marine ecosystems and natural protected areas of Ecuador; as well as to contribute with development of management policies and legal regulations for their protection and conservation.

FEMM Ecuador has been working since 1987, and it was created by students of Biology at the University of Guayaquil, Ecuador.

We have two main projects; the bottlenose dolphin program has field/office work carried out in el Morro Refuge (Posorja,Guayas Province) during the whole year and the humpback whale program has field work that is carried out in el Pelado Marine Reserve (Ayangue, Santa Elena province) between June and September season and the processing data is carried out during the rest of the year.

Office work is carried out the whole year including data processing and besides administration, social media, volunteering, fundraising ecotourism, conservation and environmental education activities among others.

The spirit of our foundation is to work with researchers and students (also experienced and self-motivated persons of any background) on volunteering basis mainly.

We have a volunteering program that helps us to support our projects and activities. This program works on internship basis.

Conditions and works can vary on daily and program basis. Activities and time could be flexible depending of mutual agreement between applicants and the institution. Pedro Jiménez is the volunteering program coordinator, the main researcher and the president of FEMM Ecuador.

The application process begins with the first contact you make in the Givingway platform. You need to answer some questions, send your cv (with an updated personal pic) and a cover letter by the platform.

After that, we will check the information and we will finish with a video conference interview to approve or deny application and mention details.

The last step is the payment of the daily fee, if applicable (internship volunteering).

The work office/ accommodation is located in Santa Elena mainly.