Fernando C. Amorsolo Art Foundation, Inc.

We are a family foundation formed to promote and preserve the legacy of Fernando C. Amorsolo, the First National Artist of the Philippines, by conducting art workshops, publishing books about the master, organizing art competitions, and eventually establish a museum dedicated to the master's works f
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Fernando "Nandy" A. Lazo
39 Cordillera St., Brgy. Don Manuel, Quezon City, Quezon City, Philippines.

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Our foundation started with the preservation of Fernando C. Amorsolo's memorabilia which we plan to have displayed in a museum along with whatever paintings were left with the family. To finance it initially we decided to publish a book about the life and works of Amorsolo and by producing some merchandise with designs based on the master's works. To promote Amorsolo's style of painting we held our first National Art Competition last 2011 and plan to have our next on 2017, his 125th birth anniversary. While we have coducted several art workshops we intend to establish a regular schedule to be conducted in Metro Manila and the provinces, as well as coordinate with public schools in integrating these workshops in their art lessons.