First Step Cambodia

Phnom Penh, Cambodia, South East Asia
First Step Cambodia (FSC) is a local NGO launched in 2010, designed to meet the needs of male victims and survivors of sexual abuse and their families, carers, supporters and communities in Cambodia.

Volunteering Activities

Human Rights Work
Social Work

What We Need

First Step is always looking to improve and develop its counseling, social work services and training curricula. We welcome anyone with a strong experience and academic background in topics such as: (1) child-friendly counseling techniques to child survivors of abuse; (2) child protection systems; (3) designing training courses ; (4) developing training courses on alcohol abuse, positive parenting, working with families, (5) etc.

First Step also conducts regular research within Cambodia. Anyone with a strong background in social sciences (psychology, sociology, anthropology) and experience in conducting research (writing papers, statistical analysis, collecting data, etc.), is welcome to contact us to discuss new research opportunities related to child sexual abuse, sexually harmful behavior and the impact of cultural norms and traditions.

Finally, First Step is always looking into ways to find new funding streams. Organizing fundraising events, setting up an NGO in the volunteer's home country to help collect individual donations, help applying for new grants, etc.

When & Who

Throughout the year, anyone is welcome to contact us and discuss the opportunity to support our work in Cambodia.
Depending on the type of assignment, the duration varies widely.

What we Provide

We provide a stipend (up to $100/month) for volunteers who are full-time working with us in the office (phnom penh).

Our Fees

No fees

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More Services we Offer

May have additional fees
Pick Up/Drop Off
Social Activities

First Step does not charge a volunteer to join us. Instead, on-site volunteers receive a small stipend to help you cover costs.

We help you with all practical matters such as finding an affordable place to stay, how to get around town, lend a bicycle from our office, etc. You pay for your stay in Cambodia, but at the lowest expense possible and without us taking a profit (as is often the case with charged fees).

Contact Person

#63B&C, Street 450, Sangkat Toul Tumpong 2, Khan Chamkarmon, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Additional Info about Us

20 to 50 people

- social work and therapeutic services to children and families
- develop and conduct training courses (on child protection, child abuse and social work) to professionals working with vulnerable children
- conducting prevention workshops to children, families, communities and NGOs


Volunteers at First Step Cambodia generally do not come into contact with children directly. Volunteers support the organization and our professional staff, who are trained to work with children affected by abuse.

First Step Cambodia (FSC) is a Cambodian non-governmental organization established (2010) to meet the needs of boys who are survivors of sexual abuse and children displaying sexually harmful behavior. FSC also serves the children’s families, caregivers, supporters and communities.

Our primary goal is to ensure that all children are protected from sexual abuse and that all those affected by abuse are supported and enabled to reach their potential. We achieve this goal through social work and other activities related to our three key programs Prevention, Capacity Building, and Support. Until the development of FSC’s specialist services, nothing of this kind existed in Cambodia. Through our advocacy efforts, capacity building of professionals working with and for children in Cambodia, and our close collaboration with partners and government agencies, we are beginning to change beliefs that are mostly ill-informed taboos and improve the response given to boys when they need or seek support.


FSC aims to increase the understanding, knowledge and awareness among different stakeholders including schoolteachers, students, children, parents, caregivers, villagers, and service providers who directly engage with children. To achieve this, FSC has developed a range of educational resources and tools, which are delivered in a range of workshops and forums, to both children and adults, and distributed for use in organizations and community settings.
We see close partnerships and strong networks as the key to our success and providing sustainable solutions. Our team facilitates and contributes to NGO networks and partnership meetings to raise awareness, and to promote and improve collaboration and service delivery to our target beneficiaries.

Capacity Building

FSC provides specialist training, learning and consultation opportunities to improve the capacity of professionals to deliver quality services to children and families affected by sexual abuse, harmful sexual behaviors and psychosocial issues. FSC offers a wide range of training, including but not limited to: Social Work with Child Survivors of Sexual Abuse, Case Management, Working with Family, Alcohol Abuse, Supervision and Sexually Harmful Behavior by Children.

FSC strives to base its social work and program design on sound research. As research into the issues of sexual abuse, especially related to boys, is scarce in Cambodia, FSC has been leading and contributing to evidence-based research related to the abuse of boys and sexually harmful behavior displayed by children in Cambodia and the wider region. We use our findings to increase the knowledge and awareness of these issues, to better inform families, professionals and government in Cambodia.


We provide social work services that are appropriate and sensitive to children who are at risk of, or affected by sexual abuse, and children displaying SHB. We build on the child’s strengths and apply the Social-Ecological Model , engaging with the children’s families, supporters and community,