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We are a non-profit organisation dedicated to using football, and the power of play, to transform individuals and communities through education, international volunteering initiatives and social action, thereby healing wounds, bringing peace, and giving hope especially to the marginalised.

Human Rights
Women Development

1. Football Coaches
2. Football Educators
3. Social Media Marketers
4. Fundraisers

Help us teach, coach, fundraise and increase our presence on social media.

Basic requirement for coaching:
English FA level 1 or equivalent.

All year round!

Its recommended that volunteers stay more than a week.


We provide free secured accommodation with swimming pool, adjacent to the commercial and entertainment centre. We handle coordination with schools and NGO's, which provide locations and initiatives for the volunteers. On top of this, we also schedule cultural and social activities, plus excursions.

Social Media Help

We aim to maximise our social media reach on different platforms to the right audiences to raise awareness to volunteers and donors.

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We believe in a borderless world free from discrimination, racism and inequality. We believe in equal opportunities were everybody has access to play. We believe in the generosity of the human spirit, where people seek to share, inspire, alleviate suffering, build peace, offer support and unite to fulfil common goals. We believe that there is always a way and we believe in the love of humanity!

10 to 20 people


We provide safe, clean but simple accommodation with a swimming pool adjacent for your use. Optional, there are hotels in the same area should you wish to decide to stay there but this would be at your own expense.

Est. £350 - £600 – round trip

These costs can vary depending on the season, and the quality of service you prefer. It is reported that volunteers usually fly Qatar, Emirates, Etihad or even Philippine Air, which is direct to Manila from London.

Local transportation:
Est. £0.10 - £0.60 per ride

A typical price when travelling around the City but however, if you wish to leave the City on a tour, these costs will vary.

Est. £0.50 - £7.00 per meal

Due to unique dietary requirements, we recommend that volunteers purchase their own meals. Your eating habits will determine your expenditure.

Alabang Village, Muntinlupa, Philippines.

: Football for Humanity Foundation

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