Fostering Liberty Of Women

Kampala, Uganda, Africa
Working to keep girls in school until completion by addressing issues like early marriages, lack of sanitary towels, poverty, poor parental attitudes, sexual and reproductive health ignorance.

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Women empowerment
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Jackline Rebecca Wananda
Kampala Uganda, Kampala, Uganda.

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Reusable sanitary towels, knickers and soap
Water tank
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5 to 10 people

Fostering Liberty of Women (FLOW) is a Non-Profit Organisation registered in Uganda, East Africa working to change and protect the lives and rights of girls and women. Our focus is on the under privileged girls and women as well as advancement of gender equality.

With Jackline Rebecca Wananda as team leader, FLOW has carried out many successful campaigns, trainings and awareness-raising activities that have helped lift up the girl child, women, the youth, families and needy children.


A world where every girl and woman is empowered to achieve her full potential.


Girls are generally disadvantaged when it comes to education access and retention in school. They drop out of school at a very high rate. Barriers to girls' education include poverty, traditional gender roles, early marriage, pregnancy and lack of sanitary towels. To many parents, educating a girl is not a priority. We are working to ensure that the girl child goes to school and stays until completion. We do this by helping needy girls to get sponsors, sensitization campaigns about girls' right to education, provision of scholastic materials, reusable sanitary pads and knickers, among other interventions.

Through different fora like social media and radio we advocate for the human rights of the girl child, women and vulnerable children. Working in collaboration with TEFO, which advocates for family order, we speak on a radio programme every Thursday about the role of a parent in helping children reach their full potential.

We believe promoting Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) and stopping the cultural beliefs, myths and taboos relating to menstruation is a great step towards stopping the high rates of girl child school drop out. Through our MHM programme, over 2,000 girls in Kamuli and Kampala have been supported with free sanitary towels and knickers enough to serve them for three years. Every 28th of May, we celebrate the International Menstrual Hygiene Day by holding a workshop with different girls every year. We do follow-ups with the parents to ensure effectiveness.

Most child marriages are arranged by the parents. We are urging the parents to change their attitude towards their young daughters and we're building the confidence of the girls to boldly say "NO" and to report abuse. Knowing that poverty is the root cause of many child marriages, we are working to keep girls in school until completion by seeking sponsorship for their education.

Most young people cannot make informed choices in matters concerning sexuality because they lack the right information. Even the teachers who are trusted by the students feel incompetent to pass on this information. We are empowering girls and boys by taking this information to them. Young people need to exercise their right to refuse unwanted sexual advances.

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