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Fundación Huilo Huilo

Help protect the rainforest with Fundación Huilo Huilo and become a part of a beautiful community!

Neltume, Chile, South America
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We work for the protection of the rainforest and the sustainable development of the neighboring community

Volunteering Activities

Animal Care
Conservation Work
Closest City: Panguipulli (55.0KM)

What We Need

The forest is an experience which you must live to learn how to respect it, the best way to do it is being one with the forest, and to live the differents project with we build the best future of the Humid Temperate Forest.

Huilo Huilo Foundation invite you to be part of the green forest and leave your mark in the austral patagonian Chile.
So that you can be part of the forest we have a new volunteer program that seek for professionalizing the work that the volunteer does concentrating and concreting all the work in five uniques projects for each group of volunteers.

The five 2019 volunteers project are: Wildlife, Flora, Community, Scientific and Environmental education

Each project once is finished it will have the value and effort of every volunteer that work in it, this will make the stay of the volunteer a real input for the conservation of the Humid Temperate Forest.

When & Who

February 1st of 2019 - April 15 of 2019 : Inscription
In this stage you must complete the online inscription form with your information and upload your resume. All the information that you could give us is relevant.

February 15 of 2019 - April 15 of 2019 : Evaluation
We will contact you by email and coordinate an online meet to interview you and answer all your questions.
Then you must send us the follow documents:
- Volunteer file with personal data;
- 2019 Volunteer Manual, readed, accepted and signed;
- Coexistence rules readed, accepted and signed;
- Volunteer contract readed, accepted and signed;
- Medical insurance and accident insurance with international cover.

April 16 of 2019- April 30 of 2019 : Selection
Once we have your request and documents in our hands we will inform you if you will select to participate in the 2019 Volunteer Program of Huilo Huilo Foundation. If that was the case you must deposit the fees in the time limit of five business days or you will lose your place.

April 30 of 2019 - August 4 of 2019 : Preparation
Now that you are part of the 2019 Volunteer Program of Huilo Huilo Foundation we will be in permanent contact with you to prepare your arrival to the Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve.

August 5 of 2019 - September 15 of 2019: Realization
Operation of the 2019 Volunteer Program

For more information:

O en Español:
Yes, we require a minimum of 6 Weeks
Individuals, Groups, Retirees

What we Provide

Volunteer House
Accommodate Dietary Restrictions
Wifi & Satellite
Hot Water
First Aid

Our Fees


The 2019 volunteer program of Huilo Huilo Foundation have a maintenance fee of $1.500 USD, this include:
- Transfer from Santiago to Huilo Huilo Biological at the begginig of the program Reserve and transfer from Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve to Santiago at the end of the program;
- Lodging in the Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve;
- Feeding: breakfast, lunch and night collation. In the case that you have any food restriction is your obligation tell us in your personal file at the stage one of the registration process.
- Transfer inside the Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve for all your projects and activities.
- All the materials that will be used in the projects.

Contact Person

Frane Spralja
Camino Internacional km 55, Neltume, Chile.
100% response rate

Other Ways to Help

Old Photo Camaras
English wildlife books
Magnifaying Glass
Old laptops
Old tablets
bed cloths
lab instrument

Additional Info about Us

20 to 50 people

The Activities of the diferents projects may change due to weather.

Our mission is to protect and conserve the temperate rainforests, integrating the surrounding communities in order to improve the quality of life for present and future generations.

With this objective in mind we develop scientific, educational and social programs, oriented to change old paradigms, encouraging the small business and the sustainable development of the place.


What are you waiting for?

We at Fundación Huilo Huilo would love to hear from you!