Volunteer with Fundacion Natura Bolivia

Fundacion Natura Bolivia

Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, South America
Helping communities protect their water source trough conservation of their forests


Knowledge management, data management, information management, file management, data collection

Currently and thereafter

At least 6 month


Depending on the case, we could support local travel expenses, advice, follow-up and occasionally some stipend expenses.


We are a pioneer institution in implementing agreements for forests conservation and developing evaluation mechanisms to assess these agreements effectiveness in the conservation and development world, and for that reason we have received different international awards.

Up to 5 people

Rio Totaitu Street # 15 (Between Castilla Ave. and Street 1 Block Las Palmas), Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia.

Digitized information, institutional databases, archive system developed, field information relayed, systematized information.


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