Volunteer with Gadrage Aid Foundation International (GAFI)

Gadrage Aid Foundation International (GAFI)

Kasoa, Ghana, Africa
Gadrage Aid Foundation International is a Ghanaian based non-profit organization established to help alleviate poverty and hunger in Ghanaian community.

Women Development

All kinds of people with all kinds of skills especially in our areas of operations are welcomed provided they are of a sound mind.

All our projects runs through the year especially the women empowerment and microfinance project. So everyone is welcomed at anytime.

1 week


We provide meals, accommodation, transport to and from the airport, orientation within the Kasoa township where the organization is located and the capital city - Accra. We do the family hosting; meaning volunteers will be placed under the care of a host family throughout their stay unless volunteers decide to move out for their private hotels or hostels. cultural values and languages are also taught. All these are treated as part of volunteering fees paid by volunteers

Volunteers pay $650 for the first 3-4 weeks which includes airport pick up and drop off, lodging, orientation.
Any extra week after the first month is $100


Logo and Graphic Design
Create/Update our Website
Social Media Help
Video/Photo Editing
Grant Writing

Volunteers interested in helping us right from their homes are encouraged to do so provided they have skills in the online volunteer placements provided below.

To help alleviate extreme poverty and hunger
To provide the requisite education, guidelines and assistance to enlighten the view of the indigence on the way to flee from the claws of poverty and hunger.

Up to 5 people


Gadrage Aid Foundation International. P.O. Box, Ks89. Kasoa, C/R, Kasoa, Ghana.

The security of volunteers remains the duty of Gadrage Aid Foundation International until they have been seen off to the airport. Extension of volunteering periods are also allowed provided their return tickets will permit them.

Books, clothing, e-learning gadgets


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