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Washington DC, United States, North America
Ganga Library, Online, provides you the Thought Processes and Ideas of Alfred Nobel, Nobel Prize Winners and National Medal of Science and Technology Innovation Winners, to solve your scientific, social and planetary problems.

Volunteering Activities


What We Need

Online volunteering. Fund Raising - Plan and execute independently. Scientist and Writers - write bios and other content for library. Artists - draw shoulder level images of Nobelists.

When & Who

On going
Plenty of work to do. Short to long periods of time.
Individuals, Groups

Our Fees

No fees

Not applicable

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Contact Person

P.O.Box 18258, Washington DC, Washington DC, United States.

Other Ways to support us

Help raise funds, please.
Scientist and Other writers to write content.
Artists to draw shoulder level Nobel Laureates.
Artists to illustrate work and life of Nobel Laureates.

Additional Info about Us

Up to 5 people

Welcome to Ganga Library!

We require the following for our records, please: your resume including ALL your hobbies/interests, as a simple Microsoft word doc. We shall see as to which aspect of the work would be most interesting and useful to you. Please inform us regarding the approximate number of hours you will be able to devote to our prestigious library.

Thank You for your interest in our prestigious Ganga Library.
- Youngsters please write in resume whatever possible –

Ganga Library kindles a fire in you revealing to you your hidden aspirations, abilities and skills. It raises your own goals and motivates you to achieve those goals, by reading inspirational material regarding the life and work of high achievers, Prize Winners. You may be the 'general public' or a scientist, litterateur, peace activist, other professional or student. Ganga is valuable to the US Government.