Ghana Health and Education Initiative

Humjibre, Ghana, Africa
The Mission of Ghana Health and Education Initiative is to enable communities in the Bibiani-Anhwiaso-Bekwai District of Ghana to improve their children’s health, learning success and opportunities by building local capacity and providing necessary resources and support.

Volunteering Activities


What We Need

Volunteers are given the opportunity to develop and strengthen their skills in cross-cultural communication, project design and implementation, monitoring and evaluation, and community outreach.

For the Community Health Evaluation sessions, students will work on-site alongside GHEI staff and trained data collectors to collect data from a random sample of households in the community of Humjibre and all households in the communities of Kojina and Soroano. Students work in partnership with the data collectors in a team approach.

Topic areas covered in the questionnaires will include malaria prevention, maternal health and nutrition, and health and nutrition for children under age 5 years old.

The second longer session will take a more in depth look at community health, augmenting a longer period of data collection with readings and discussion to offer an in-depth context to maternal and child health and malaria prevention.

For the Girls' Empowerment Camp, volunteers will work with local staff to run an intensive 2-week empowerment camp held annually for local junior high school girls. While learning about the role of girls and women in rural Ghana, volunteers will develop workshops that will impart knowledge and confidence to the girls and give them the opportunity to think about themselves and their futures in a new and broader context

When & Who

Sessions are either 16 days or 21 days in length.

What we Provide


The fundraising requirement goes towards our year-round health and education programs, staff salaries and other such costs related to running an NGO. Whilst in Ghana, all important costs will be taken care of, including transportation, almost all meals, housing, and guided tours and events.


Our Fees

No fees

Volunteers selected to participate in the first Community Health Evaluation session and the Girls Empowerent program will be asked to fundraise $2,100 prior to their departure for Ghana. For the second and longer Community Health Evaluation session we ask volunteers to fundraise $2,550 beforehand. For all three sessions a third of the fundraising requirement, $750, is required at the time of acceptance as a deposit to secure the position. The remaining funds will be due May 15, 2016.

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Humjibre, Ghana.

Additional Info about Us

10 to 20 people

GHEI is registered in the USA and Ghana.

We envision a future where children—free from illness and illiteracy—can realize their full potential, a future where healthy, educated young people will lead their communities out of poverty. GHEI empowers communities in the BAB District of Ghana to build that future through investment in children and youth.